Video: Vitaminwater’s Rohan Oza: “Everything is Niche Until it’s Not”

Delivering the keynote presentation at BevNET Live Summer 2012, former Vitaminwater CMO Rohan Oza punctuated his high-energy presentation with a simple, yet powerful, message: “Everything is niche until it’s not.” Within the words, Oza, a key figure in Vitaminwater’s rise from an unknown medicinal drink to a billion-dollar brand, offered aspirational fuel and a measure of vindication to the hundreds of beverage entrepreneurs in the audience, each with their own unique concept and platform.

Having pioneered the model of beverage companies eschewing the paid endorsements in favor of celebrity and athlete investors, Oza is known as one of most innovative marketing executives in the world. His presentation at BevNET Live focused on how beverage entrepreneurs can deploy creative disruption as a technique to build lifestyle brands and offered insights into the key cultural trends that are affecting beverage marketing and product development. Oza also discussed the Vitaminwater strategy of deploying hands-on sampling and brand ambassadors that allowed the company to quickly penetrate new markets and drastically increase product demand.

Watch this excerpt of Oza’s speech in this video, and check out the full version and several other videos of talks and panels from BevNET Live at, BevNET’s on-demand video learning site.