Agua Enerviva Adds Former Vitaminwater Executive

Connecticut — Former vitaminwater executive management team members Dr. Carol Dollard and Michael Venuti have announced the addition of another vitaminwater heavy hitter to the Agua Enerviva management team.  Gary Rezeppa, former SVP of Sales for Glaceau, has joined forces with Dollard and Venuti as Executive Vice President.

Rezeppa, who has been involved in several successful ventures since vitaminwater, including CEO of TheraPearl, LLC,  was one of the key architects in building  the sales and distribution strategy for vitaminwater and smartwater“. Rezeppa brings 35+ years of experience and industry knowledge to bear on the startup and expansion of Agua Enerviva.

Agua Enervivá is a new concept in healthfully minded, naturally energizing beverages, combining the best of all categories – sports drinks, enhanced waters, and energy drinks, tied together with the flavor and vibrancy associated with Hispanic culture.

New to the game, Agua Enervivá already has a loyal and growing following, including their concentrated team of predominately fresh-faced post-grads who have rallied behind the enormous possibility that Agua Enervivá presents. “They get and love the brand,” Dollard remarks. President Michael Venuti adds, “All Agua Enervivá employees are equity shareholders, creating a push towards growth and a common goal. In the face of a drab economic climate, this young team sees a brand with massive potential.”

Given the management teams extensive experience in the beverage industry, the combined histories have perfectly prepared them for this endeavor and they look forward to making history once again.

Agua Enervivá is available in five naturally energizing and hydrating flavors: Pomegranate Berry, Orange Passion, Fruit Punch, Kiwi Strawberry, and Mate Lemonade.

About Agua Enervivá

Agua Enervivá makes enhanced beverages that answer all need-states with one bottle – health (low calorie), hydration (electrolytes), natural energy (guarana berry) and great taste.  Designed by industry veterans, Agua Enervivá is everything customers want in a beverage, all packed into one exciting bottle.