Harmless Harvest Pours It On with New Bag in Box Dispenser

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Dispenser at Whole Foods, Danbury Conn.

The folks at Harmless Harvest just can’t seem to shake the innovation bug. Having launched the first 100 percent “raw” and organic coconut water two years ago and at Expo West 2013 unveiled a unique cold brewed drink made with raw tea leaves, the company recently introduced a new bag-in-box coconut water dispenser. The dispenser was jointly developed with Whole Foods Market, a key strategic retail partner for Harmless Harvest.

The dispenser, which holds a 20 L bag of Harmless Harvest coconut water, enables consumers to fill 32 oz. reusable glass growlers. At $7.99 per refill (and $2.99 for an empty growler), Harmless Harvest co-founder Justin Guilbert hopes that its loyal legions of consumers will see the dispenser as an opportunity to save money (a 16 oz. bottle of the coconut water retails for $4.99) while using significantly less packaging. That being said, Guilbert noted that the dispenser is not intended to replace its single serve products, rather he views the 32 oz. bottle as a complementary package size intended for different use occasions.

Harmless Harvest’s first machine was recently installed at a new Whole Foods location in Danbury, Conn. and sits alongside the wide range of other coconut water brands carried by the retailer. Although it is currently the only unit on the market, Guilbert said that the company will install the dispenser at several strategic retail and food service partners later this year.