Just Coco Signs Agreement with Cheney Brothers in Florida

MIAMI, Florida. – Just Coco USA, LLC, the makers and importers of Just CocoTM coconut water from Brazil, has announced that it has reached an agreement with Cheney Brothers for the distribution in the Florida market of Just Coco. Although it arrived in the US marketplace less than five months ago, Just Coco has been gaining traction via foodservice outlets and gourmet supermarkets in Florida and the New York metro area.

Sourced from ONE SINGLE coconut plantation in Northeastern Brazil, Just Coco is a 100% pure product, with no additives or preservatives. Its single sourcing provides for unique product consistency in taste when compared to most brands currently in the market. The quality of the water that irrigates the coconut fields, the climate conditions and harvesting methods are factors that leads to the exceptional quality of Just Coco, which is available in TetraPak packaging of 33 ounces (one liter) and 11 ounces (330 ml).

“At Just Coco USA we are delighted that Cheney Brothers has now become our distributor in Florida, as they have an excellent reputation and a large client base,” stated Mr. Haroldo Azevedo, Chairman and Majority Shareholder of Just Coco USA. “We look forward to a long-lasting, mutually-profitable relationship.”

Since international celebrities have expressed their love for Brazilian coconut water as an isotonic, 100% natural, tasty and nutritious drink, the product has gained great strength in the US market. It is currently the preferred drink for those who like to combine beauty to a healthy life style.

Just CocoTM is produced by Brazilian business group Haroldo Azevedo, which is also active in real estate development and construction, media broadcasting, cosmetics, beverages and private equity investments in Northeastern Brazil. For more information on Just Coco, visit www.justcoco.com.