Level 5 Beverage Company, Inc., a Minerco Resources, Inc. Company, Formally Introduces its Brand and Product Line

NASHUA, N.H., June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Minerco Resources, Inc. (OTCQB: MINE), a progressive developer, producer and provider of worldwide commodities solutions, announced today that the company’s subsidiary, Level 5 Beverage Company, Inc., has officially introduced its new brand and product line.

The new Level 5 product line features four (4) unique beverages.  These innovative new products incorporate healthful and functional ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, soluble fiber, protein, amino acids, and herbal blends.  They are all made with 100% natural ingredients, feature reduced calorie formulations, and address key health and wellness benefits important to today’s consumer:

RISE (Energy Supplement)

  • Completely unique in the category, no other coffee-based shots currently in the market.
  • Delicious coffee flavor, perfect as a get-up-and-go morning shot.
  • 100% B-Vitamin blend
  • Brewed Sumatra coffee
  • Ginseng

CURVES (Women’s Supplement)

  • Weight Management
  • Soluble fiber
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • 100% B-Vitamin blend
  • Other vitamins and minerals specially formulated for women

ARMOR (Immunity Supplement)

  • 200% Vitamin C
  • 100% Zinc
  • Herbal extracts specially formulated to boost immunity
  • Specifically formulated to help you through flu and cold season unscathed!

FLEX (Workout Supplement)

  • Delivers 5g Protein in each shot
  • Caffeine to enhance performance
  • Important Amino Acids
  • 100% B-Vitamin blend for lasting energy and endurance

John Powers, the CEO of the company stated, “We are thrilled to formally introduce our Level 5 brand and unique beverage products to the market place. Together with Power Brands Consulting team, we believe we have created a superior and unique product line strongly differentiated from the competition through its branding, all-natural ingredients, reduced calorie formulations, on-target functionality, and unparalleled efficacy. We are confident about the future of the Level 5 brand! As always, we will keep our shareholders and consumers informed as we launch Level 5.”

Darin Ezra, the Power Brands CEO stated, “The Level 5 brand line is going to be a game-changer in functional dietary supplements.  Power Brands reviews hundreds of brand opportunities every year, we are excited to partner with the Minerco management team and create a meaningful and successful brand.”

Power Brands Consulting is an award winning beverage industry expert who helps companies develop premium beverages through formulation, branding and marketing strategies. Power Brands beverage specialists have developed, launched and managed numerous regional, national and international brands in the beverage industry. Visit their website,www.powerbrands.us, for more information.

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