Missouri Physician Creates Drink That Relieves Cramps

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. –– Dr. Herbert E. Dempsey announced no matter what your age, effective and reliable muscle cramp care is an important health care need. Do you awaken in the middle of the night with severe leg cramps causing you to lose sleep? During the day, cramping can keep you from exercising or from fully engaging in an important athletic contest or event.

Millions of Americans suffer from this condition and, though we don’t know exactly what causes leg and other types of cramping, there are many recognized contributing factors.  Any muscle in your body can tighten at any given time causing a sudden cramp or spasm effect that can be debilitating.  With aging, as our muscles weaken, more frequent cramping can begin to occur. During athletic performances or when we are engaged in physically demanding activity or work, the likelihood of muscle cramping heightens. Efforts toward controlling cramping have ranged from increased salts and mineral intake to hyper-hydration.

Our muscles are what keep us moving, whether it’s eating, walking or talking. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle should always remain a priority for us. Muscle cramping, however, can limit or, sometimes totally prevent our pursuit of that goal. For many years, a Missouri physician has been studying and searching for an effective combination of cramp preventing ingredients and has now formulated a liquid solution which instantly relieves and also prevents leg, foot and other muscle cramps. There have been numerous products over the years but they have fallen well short of the effectiveness of CRAMPX. Pickle juice, magnesium, potassium and high sodium containing products have frequently failed the test and possibly lead to high blood pressure and there are still many products making inaccurate statements and false claims as to their effectiveness.

About Q2o LLC

Q20 was introduced to the market in July of 2009. Beginning in 2005 and leading up to its introduction, it was continually tested on real patients who suffered from this condition.  Since 2009, thousands of people have benefited from the CRAMPX, cramp relief formula.  Q2o LLC ships and distributes CrampX from their warehouse in Dallas, Texas

About Dr. Herbert E. Dempsey

When I set out to create this remedy, it was simply to help many of my patients who were dealing with skeletal muscle cramping. I never imagined that CRAMPX would become such a national popular treatment for this painful and inconvenient health issue.  Because of the product’s high rate of effectiveness among those who have tried it (96% rate of effectiveness), more and more physicians are recommending CRAMPX to their patients for preventing and/or quickly relieving muscle cramps

Founded by Dr. H.E. Dempsey, D.O.  Dr. Dempsey was born into a family of 3rd generation of physicians, graduate of University of Health Sciences, Kansas City, MO, undergraduate of University of Missouri, Columbia and is a Board Certified Family Physician.  Dr. Dempsey is a partner of Encompass – Lee’s Summit Clinic, Team Physician for Lee’s Summit Tigers and other youth baseball and basketball teams.  He also is a Physician at University of Central Missouri, Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA in Missouri, serves as a Missouri Boys State member/volunteer and is a member on Lees Summit Medical Hospital Board.

About CrampX

After years of work, this new product is offering stunning results. This highly effective proprietary formula is marketed as CRAMPX and is changing active lives every day.  Other cramping products normally require digesting a pill or using a type of roll-on treatment that can take up to 30 minutes to begin to take effect. CRAMPX is the first proprietary, physician formulated product designed and shown to work within seconds.  Scientifically combining vitamins and minerals and carefully evaluated and tested by Dr. Dempsey himself, studies have shown the product delivers at a 96% rate of effectiveness.  And, CRAMPX not only relieves leg and muscle cramps, it prevents them from occurring.

For quick relief and long lasting prevention of muscle cramps, simply pour about four chilled ounces into a glass and drink it down like water. That is all there is to it. You will quickly feel relief and have the confidence of knowing you can continue on without further cramping issues. So, now, you can stake your claim to that all important healthy and active lifestyle and no longer be interrupted with the distracting nuisance of painful muscle cramping. CRAMPX is currently sold in drug stores, HyVee Grocery Stores and have expanded toward the athletic market through Alert Services and Collins Sports Medicine.