My Body Shots Introduces New Bag-In-A-Box Packaging

Las Vegas Nevada (March 7, 2013) My Body Shots, Inc., an innovative formulator of liquid nutritional replenishment supplements, will be introducing its revolutionary new vitamin supplement delivery system at Expo West March 8th to 10th in Anaheim CA.

My Body Shots, Inc. has spent the last eighteen months developing the Bag-In-A-Box packaging system containing its preservative-free, caffeine-free all natural formulations of core vitamins and nutrients. All formulations contain essential vitamins, minerals and herbs but each one is designed for a specific purpose.

President and CEO Barrie Mann stated, “this is a game changer in the delivery of liquid supplements and was well worth the time and effort to get us to the launch stage . The Bag-In-A-Box system allows us to deliver key nutrients to the consumer at an economical price with significant environmental savings due to the cost effective packaging”.

My Body Shots, Inc. has worked closely with a core group of strategic partners in the development of this innovative delivery system. Product lines will include Vitamin Strength+Replenish, Kids Play+Replenish, Immunity Boost+Replenish, Sport Recover+Replenish, Coco Refresh+Replenish, and Electro Nyte Drink Defense. Mann says, “the consumer is able to purchase a product that is healthy, tastes great and is easy to drink while giving their bodies the nutrients they require without extra calories and wasteful packaging.

The Bag-In-A- Box product makes sense on every level including price, efficiency, preservation of vitamins and packaging. It is estimated that it takes up to twenty-seven times more packaging to produce traditional bottles than what is required to produce the equivalent servings using a Bag-In-A-Box system. The saving to the environment and the consumer are significant. Although the Bag-In-A-Box concept is common in other areas such as wine and juices, My Body Shots, Inc. is the first to use the concept in liquid supplements.

The complete line of My Body Shots, Inc. Bag-In-A-Box products will be launched at Expo West, Booth #7106 in Anaheim, CA. March 8th to 10th. For more information about My Body Shot’s, Inc. and about our Bag-In-A-Box product line, please email us at or call 1-866-935-4230.

About My Body Shots, Inc.

My Body Shots, Inc. was formed in 2009 with the goal of supplying consumers with healthy alternative to traditional methods of receiving important nutrients. My Body Shots, Inc. has offices in Las Vegas, NV and Toronto, Canada.