Tongo Coconut Water Partners with Baseball Star Shane Victorino

TONGO and Victorino team up to bring a healthy, delicious coconut water beverage to consumers and create a Hawaiian source.

Anaheim, CA (August 13, 2013)TONGO Coconut Water, a new bottled coconut water brand, today announced a partnership with the Boston Red Sox Shane “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Victorino. Victorino is the Red Sox starting right fielder and two-time All-Star, three-time Gold Glove Award winner and World Series champion. In 2009, Victorino became the first Hawaiian-born positional player to be named to an All-Star team. “I’m excited to be working with TONGO Coconut Water and am grateful for the opportunity,” Victorino said. “The drink tastes amazing. My favorite flavor is Warrior Punch.”

“Our mission is to source local Hawaiian coconut water for TONGO, but we are not there yet,” says company founder and natural beverage veteran Paul Tecker. “Back when we started exploring coconut water producers, we naturally looked to Hawaii as the closest source in the US with the right climate. Disappointingly, there was little or no supply, because up until recently, there has been little demand.” That’s when we decided to jumpstart the process by reaching out to Hawaiian farmers and founding theHawaiian Coconut Growers Association. With virtually all coconut products coming to the USA from distant foreign countries, the Hawaiian Coconut Growers Association’s mission is to foster a Hawaiian coconut industry, create local jobs in the US and supply companies like TONGO Coconut Water.”

A drink born out of legend, TONGO was inspired by Polynesian warriors who thrived on the incredible hydrating and nutrient rich water inside green coconuts. “TONGO is unlike any other coconut water you’ve ever tasted before,” Tecker said. “The carefully sourced, premium coconut water used in TONGO is maintained for freshness in a frozen state until bottled here in the USA. Then in true Hawaiian mixologist style, we blend in organic blue agave nectar and natural citrus flavors for a taste that makes you forget it’s a healthy hydration drink.”

TONGO LLC is a California company and the brand owner of TONGO Coconut Water. For more information, please contact Paul Tecker at Paul(at)DrinkTONGO(dot)com 760-231-0806.

METRIX Capital Group, LLC, an Orange County, CA based private equity firm with strong ties throughout professional sports, is an advisor and shareholder of TONGO Coconut Water. METRIX advised on the deal and helped bring TONGO and Victorino together to create a remarkable partnership and great opportunity for everyone involved.