ZUN Reinvents Itself as ZUN POP

Denver, CO (February 21, 2013) –  Fuzzee Bee Beverage Company, the makers of ZUN® energy drink have decided to evolve the ever growing, popular brand into an all-natural, low calorie, caffeine free, “pop”, packed in a  kid friendly (non-glass),  eye catching package.  ZUN POP® proposes low calories and big taste, with 5 new Incredibly Refreshing®, Out of This World® flavors!  The product formulation is currently top secret. ZUN POP will be lightly carbonated.

“We’ve decided it was time to evolve, and discontinued the production of the energy drink last year.  Energy drinks and high-caffeinated sodas are in a major downturn and the entire energy drink category is plagued with negativity.  ZUN wants to contribute to a positive, healthier lifestyle with a great tasting,   low calorie beverage that doesn’t add to the growing obesity epidemic” stated Brian Stearns, Founder and CEO of Fuzzee Bee Beverage Company.   “Its time our planet has something “fun” to drink without all the sugar and caffeine.   Fortunately, ZUN POP doesn’t sacrifice taste and our innovative, big flavors will knock everyone’s socks off.” added Stearns.

ZUN POP will initially launch 2 flavors with 3 add-on flavors in development. It is undetermined yet if a cola will be part of the line-up, but the company hasn’t ruled it out. The brand has been known for its fast traction, outer space theme and unique and innovative product formulations, along with a one of kind patent protected rocket ship bottle. ZUN pop is scheduled to launch this year in a standard 12 oz. plastic bottle format.

About ZUN POP.

ZUN POP (pr.  zooon) is a low sugar, low calorie, lightly carbonated fun pop with 5 scheduled Big flavors.  Contact ZUN for more information, media inquiries, investor relations, launch schedule, distribution and retail partnerships.  distributor@zunenergy.comVote for your favorite flavor names on www.facebook.com/zunenergy