Koa Organic Beverages Partners With Gourmet Guru

koa bottleDALLAS — Koa Organic Beverages, Inc. announced today that they have finalized a partnership with Gourmet Guru, a well respected natural and organic products distributor, to help establish accounts and to grow their brand throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Gourmet Guru’s CEO, Jeff Lichtenstein raved, “Koa is a first to market pioneer product geared towards a healthy lifestyle and it resonated very well with our team.  Koa represents all that we stand for by way of innovation and personifying our mission statement of helping to make the world a better place to eat, naturally!”

Koa Organic Beverages, Inc. launched Koa Natural Olakino this past April – receiving numerous accolades since that time by way of Koa’s uniqueness, differentiation, and innovation. Koa Natural Olakino is the world’s first all-natural, 100% juice-based blend that retains all the nutrients derived from organic fruits and vegetables, with exactly zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero additives.  Clear in color and with notes of Citrus, Mint and Lemongrass, Koa is the perfect zero-impact option for health-conscious consumers seeking natural nutrition without the downside associated with sugary beverages.  Well + Good, a NYC-based health and wellness publication, recently likened Koa Natural Olakino to an “uber-coconut water” due to its high electrolyte count and lack of sugar, calories or carbs.

Koa Natural Olakino is available in select premium accounts including the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Ritz-Carlton and The Joule – a five star hotel, spa and fitness facility located in downtown Dallas.  They recently debuted at every Dean & Deluca location in the United States, in addition to various gourmet retailers throughout Texas such as all nine Central Market locations (owned by H.E.B) and Phoenicia Specialty Foods.  Koa is also available at dozens of specialty restaurants, coffee shops and fitness facilities that cater to health-conscious, eco-friendly customers throughout Texas and Manhattan.

Koa recently began a partnership with the American Diabetes Association and routinely works with non-profits in the local community to educate and increase awareness to those seeking all-natural hydration and nourishment from fruits and vegetables, without excess sugar or artificial sweeteners.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this announcement,” says the company’s President Adam Louras, “We have a lot of interest in Koa in New York City and the surrounding area and we really needed a strong partner like Gourmet Guru to help us spread the health… it is a team effort” Lichtenstein added, “We’re proud to offer our customers first to market unique and exceptional products along with the right support to build consumer awareness as we did when we launched other key categories in the United States like Greek yogurt, natural deli and HPP cold pressed Juice.”

Based in Dallas, Texas, Koa Organic Beverages, Inc. is a rapidly growing consumer beverage company dedicated to making all-natural, organic beverages that serve as alternative options to people desirous of living longer, healthier lives.  For more information, please revert to www.drinkkoa.com or reach out to us at info@drinkkoa.com.