Organic Gemini Introduces Guarana Energy Coconut Water

NEW YORK — Organic Gemini’s premium products are made from the highest quality ingredients and offer optimal delivery systems of nutrition and wellness to fuel even the most fast paced and hectic lifestyles. Guarana Energy, made from 100% organic coconut water and Brazilian superfood guarana, is based on a holistic approach to providing balanced hydration, all the while replenishing the body, energizing the spirit and clarifying the mind.

The thirst quenching energy coconut water is the shared brainchild of a mutual passion and desire to maintain a healthy balance. Active philanthropist Mariam Kinkladze teamed up with health and energy product expert, George Papanastastos to create Organic Gemini’s Guarana Energy.

“We searched high and low for a balanced, healthy solution to fuel our busy lives. We mixed two pure ingredients, and Organic Gemini’s Guarana Energy was born,” said founders Mariam and George.

With George’s health product and energy drink expertise and Mariam’s yearning for a healthy energizing drink that didn’t include chemicals, the duo created a product, which is perfectly tailored to fit their active lifestyles.

In an effort to give back, Organic Gemini is created using recycled material and donates a portion of its profits to charity.

The hydrating Guarana Energy drink is available on Amazon and local natural organic stores.

About Organic Gemini 

You can always rely on Organic Gemini’s promise of purity – we’ve traveled the world and dug deep into the history books, science journals and the earth itself to be sure we deliver nothing but the best organic ingredients. Based in Brooklyn, the Organic Gemini team prides itself on bringing together whole foods, cultures and recipes from all over the world to create each of our unique products.

About the Founders 

Mariam Kinkladze, a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in political Science, is an active philanthropist and world traveler. She has led humanitarian relief efforts in countries including Ethiopia and Georgia. Her initiatives include education for every child, trauma relief for war victims, and empowerment of girls, as well as campaigns against child labor, sex trafficking, and child soldiers. Mariam needed clean, pure hydration in a natural energy beverage to keep her going. While living in busy New York City, she yearned for a healthy lifestyle without the use of chemicals and/or additives to help replenish her energy.

When George Papanastasatos says he is committed to healthy living, he’s not simply trying today’s fad diet on for size. Born and raised in Greece among three other siblings, healthy is the only way of life George has ever known. The Mediterranean is a veritable cornucopia of wondrous, organic fruits and vegetables, of which the Papanastasatos family took advantage.

Affectionately dubbed ‘The Curator of Energy Drinks,’ George – who is alcohol, caffeine, meat, dairy, and gluten free – is no stranger to the world of restorative, energizing beverages. Some of George’s most impressive projects include: GURU, a leading provider of all natural, organic energizing elixirs; Code Blue, a homemade hangover remedy; and other homemade energy cocktails. George is more than a healthy heart. He has used tremendous business acumen to build brands and launch companies.