SnackHealthy Announces Upcoming Line of All-Natural Beverages

snackhealthyNEWPORT BEACH, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 6, 2014) – SnackHealthy, Inc. (OTCBB: SNAX) announced today the completed development of its new, unique and exciting, all-natural beverage that is expected to be introduced to the retail and foodservice markets in early 2015.

SnackHealthy CEO, Richard Damion stated, “This is an incredibly versatile product that we believe will rival any beverage line in the marketplace today. It has the potential to be a market leader in the natural beverage category yet is versatile enough to compete with both traditional soft drinks and the more unique offerings on the retail beverage shelves.

“We are focusing our efforts on selecting brokers for both club stores and major retail outlets. The uniqueness of our beverages also allows the product to be sold in both the convenience and drug store arenas,” Damion added.

The beverages are made from all-natural ingredients with no added sugars and boast significant health benefits due to their high anthocyanin antioxidant values, while containing four times more resveratrol than red wine. Natural anthocyanin antioxidants have demonstrated a broad spectrum of biomedical functions. These include cardiovascular disorders, advancing age-induced oxidative stress, inflammatory responses, and diverse degenerative diseases.

The light, crisp new beverage should appeal to children due to its sweet taste (despite the absence of added sugars) and natural health benefits that meet the strict new label requirements for products being sold in schools.

The new beverage’s branding, design and packaging is nearing completion and a more detailed announcement will be made in the near future.

Damion added, “We will be interviewing spokespersons from both the sports and entertainment fields to help us create the market awareness needed to propel this outstanding new product offering.”

About SnackHealthy,Inc.

SnackHealthy, Inc. (SNAX) is a manufacturer and distributor of organic, natural and healthy food products headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. The Company offers a portfolio of healthy foods and beverages that are organic, all-natural, low-calorie, and free from artificial sweeteners; created to satisfy several eating occasions daily. SnackHealthy is dedicated to offering a broad array of choices for healthy, convenient and fun nourishment, while reducing environmental impact. For more information please visit