The Fizzary and Mass Street Soda Make World Series Wager

Go GiantsSAN FRANCISCO — In the midst of a battle for Soda taxation (Prop E), The Fizzary Soda Shop (San Francisco, CA) has been challenged by Mass Street Soda (Kansas City Soda distributor and Soda Shop)…to a bona-fide SODA WAGER!  Carbonated Giants VS. Royals showdown!

Details: San Francisco’s own soda pop and candy shop The Fizzary has gone head to head with Mass Street Soda to wager each outfit’s best soda in the instance of their respective teams defeat!  The wager was initially struck up on instagram after Mass Street Soda took exception to The Fizzary San Francisco’s gratuitous Giants boasting and Kansas City challenges.

Backstory: The Fizzary has two retail locations (Mission District and Haight Ashbury) and distributes it’s own house brand ‘Taylor’s Tonics’ nationwide. Recently, The Fizzary has been embroiled in opposition to the controversial Proposition E ballot measure  levying hefty tax on all sweetened beverages. The Fizzary and Co-Owner Taylor Peck, have been widely seen this month on over a dozen of the city’s notably placed billboards. The Fizzary is thrilled to have this moment of levity and pure civic pride.