The Launch of Imagine That

NEW YORK — A new food and beverage company, IMAGINE THAT, has set out to unleash health to the masses, launching a line of shelf stable beverages that provide the fundamental goodness of whole fruits and vegetables.  Each single-serve beverage provides a whole day’s worth of vegetables or fruits.  From spinach and kale to whole strawberries and blueberries, the beverages provide natural nutrition delivery without fortification.  Simple, easy-to-understand ingredients, and less of them, allow consumers to feel good about what they’re putting in their bodies.  One and done provides a complete value proposition for today’s busy lifestyles.

New IMAGINE THAT 6 Flavors

Recognizing the consumer values taste above all, IMAGINE THAT takes classic flavors consumers love and marries them with high quality, nutritious ingredients.  Consumers can now enjoy healthy products without sacrificing taste.  An innovative new process is used to dry whole fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices into a pure powder that retains most nutrients as well as aroma or color. The powder blends seamlessly with water for a smooth taste.

In the spirit of convenience, IMAGINE THAT creates a grab-and-go for healthexperience by using innovative packaging.  The powder is held in the bottle cap, which is released into the water when pressed.  It’s fun, simple and instant!

“We set out to help consumers thrive by providing great taste, tremendous value, and high nutrition integrity in an unforgettable way,” says a company spokesperson. “Imagine that!”

IMAGINE THAT will retail under $4, starting with six classic flavors including: Mixed Berry, Cherry Lemon, Strawberry Banana, Peach Mango, Creamy Orange and Chocolate Cherry.  Each is a single-serve 12-ounce beverage.

Starting November 1, 2014 IMAGINE THAT will be available in free one-ounce sample shots exclusively on the company’s website, The national retail rollout is set for the first quarter of 2015.


IMAGINE THAT WORLD LLC is a privately held company with 15 years experience in the consumer market.  Based in New York, the company has gathered a world-class team to meet the expectations and demands of the consumer in the food and beverage categories.