Zone 8 Brings World Flavors to RTD Tea Industry

unnamedOakbrook Terrace, IL (November 2014)—With more and more consumers shifting from mainstream sodas to natural beverages that contain ingredients with health benefits, the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) tea market is booming. In fact, sales of tea and RTD tea increased 6.1%, reaching $5 billion in value in 2013, and are projected to reach $8.3 billion in 2014. The largest issue facing the beverage industry today is the lack of flavor that addresses the cultural relevance of the growing ethnic markets and the millennials with their ethnically diverse network of friends.

To address this void of unique healthy tea flavor options, RTD tea and beverage company Zone 8 Beverages has developed a line of flavorful teas blended with real, premium and natural ingredients for the health-conscious consumer looking for a healthy alternative to artificial, overly processed and watered-down teas already on the shelves. Zone 8’s teas are brewed using premium organic ingredients, including super teas, spices, fruit juices, pure cane sugar and honey for a naturally flavorful and authentic experience that integrates ingredients that are found in nature and not synthesized in a laboratory. The world is divided into agricultural regions, called plant hardiness “zones,” and zone 8 is the region where tea is found around the world. Every ingredient they use reflects this same idea, in that they all have history and a cultural connection to the people who grow them. Zone’s 8 line of flavors include Honey Lemon Tea, Red Rooibos Tea & Pomegranate Tea, Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea,Black and Green Teas, Tee Time (Half Tea/Half Lemonade), Masala Spice Tea and Prickly Pear Limeade.

“Our recipes have been developed by our team and are traditional culturally-relevant beverages from around the world, with no artificial or genetically-modified ingredients,” says Tim Megenbier, President and Co-Founder of Zone 8 Beverages. “Zone 8’s teas are composed of only real, premium ingredients found in nature, providing the different communities throughout America with teas that provide that ‘home’ feeling and taste.”

Zone 8’s combination of rich, authentic blending, healthful ingredients and ethnic, global flavor profiles is poised to take advantage of the rapid growth in the RTD tea and natural food markets, as well as develop a new “tea culture” in the United States, allowing all to  experience the flavors of the world.

Currently, Zone 8’s lineup includes 3 flavors that are Non-GMO Project Verified and 4 flavors that are USDA organic certified; Red Rooibos & Pomegranate Tea, Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea and Unsweetened Black Tea are both Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA Organic certified and bare the seals for both. Honey Lemon Tea is certified 70% organic.

About Zone 8 Beverages

Zone 8 is a new company formed to introduce the world to great-tasting, culturally relevant beverages with responsible calories, no artificial or genetically modified ingredients and as little processing as possible. We like to say “We Hired Mother Nature” when we describe what we do. Through the blending of high-quality, natural ingredients, Zone 8 has developed a beverage line that focuses on great taste as a cornerstone. For more information about Zone 8 Beverages, please visit