Garden of Flavor Launches Tomato Tonic

500941461.tomatotonic.high.resCleveland, OH (July, 2015) As growing numbers of consumers are becoming more health conscious, products that reflect high nutritional value, more health benefits and fresh, natural, organic flavors are becoming more desirable over those with artificial flavors and those that are high in sugars or fats.[1] Vegetable flavors are showing more prominence in the beverage market for their added health benefits and new, unique flavors consumers crave.  Meeting demand for healthy, vegetable based beverages with delicious taste, Garden of Flavor( introduces a revolutionary organic, cold-pressed Tomato Tonic with living probiotic cultures, offering the flavor of fresh tomatoes blended with garlic, jalapeno, and a kick of cilantro.

Garden of Flavor’s newest organic juice, Tomato Tonic offers raw, garden fresh tomatoes, known for their abundance of the powerful antioxidant lycopene, to create a rich and delicious super tonic. The flavor benefits from the inclusion of cucumber, celery, cilantro and garlic and provides four servings of vegetables in each 16 oz BPA-free bottle.  Garden of Flavor’s Tomato Tonic is the only USDA certified organic, cold-pressed tomato juice on the market, and offers unmatched health benefits with its inclusion of GanedenBC30 probiotic cultures.[2]  What’s more, Garden of Flavor’s Tomato Tonic doesn’t taste like any typical tomato juice, it tastes just like garden fresh tomatoes.

“I have always enjoyed growing my own vegetables and am excited that with Tomato Tonic, we’re able to offer new flavors from nature’s colorful palette” says Garden of Flavor’s founder and CEO, Lisa Marie.  “By offering such a wide variety of ingredients we are able to offer our customers not only an array of flavors, but also the various nutritional benefits provided by nature.”

Garden of Flavor juices and nut mylks are cold-pressed, organic, never heated or flash pasteurized, and made from fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries.  Using the cold-pressed process to retain living enzymes, key vitamins and minerals, Garden of Flavor juices naturally enhance energy and improve mood.  Each of the eight Garden of Flavor juices are rich with organic, living nutrients and are vegan and gluten-free. Garden of Flavor offers a single day juice cleanse including six different juices made from nearly 20 pounds of raw produce with over 34 grams of plant based protein.  Recognized for its unique tastes, ingredients, and maximized health benefits, Garden of Flavor received the 2014 World Beverage Innovation Award for Best Juice as well as the 2015 Engredea NutrAward for best Finished Product for its raw, organic, cold-pressed juices with living probiotics.

Garden of Flavor’s Tomato Tonic and other organic cold pressed juices are available in natural and grocery retail outlets as well as online.Meeting the demand for healthy, vegetable-based beverages while offering unbeatable nutrition, Garden of Flavor effectively demonstrates its commitment to excellence.  “Nature, we have nothing more to add”.

About Garden of Flavor

Garden of Flavor, based in Cleveland Ohio, was founded by Lisa Marie, who originally started the business as a cold-pressed, organic juice bar.  With a passion to share her healthy, organic cold-pressed juices and tonics, Lisa Marie continues to introduce her Garden of Flavor cold-pressed, juices and juice cleanses to those wanting to lead healthy lifestyles. Garden of Flavor juices and juice cleanses are cold-pressed, organic, never heated or flash pasteurized, and are made from fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. Lisa Marie prepares all Garden of Flavor organic juices in her 38 degree “juice cooler” using the cold-pressed process to retain living enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fresh from the garden flavor. Garden of Flavor is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices to ensure long-term growth of organic fruits, nuts and vegetables to provide consumers with fresh cold-pressed organic juice and juice cleanses.

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