Hangover Joe’s Receives Purchase Order From Cure Korea

11203528_975766212457373_5367569519326135742_oDenver, CO – Hangover Joe’s Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: HJOE) (PINKSHEETS: HJOE), is proud to announce the company has received the starting purchase order and related deposit from Cure Korea. “This is one giant step and one huge leap forward for Hangover Joe’s,” said Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe’s. “We have been working this deal to bring our hangover recovery product into Asia since 2013 and it’s one of our biggest achievements to date. Dietary supplements have been very difficult to get accepted in South Korea and through the South Korean version of the FDA. We have done it and it took a lot of work on both of our sides.

The South Koreans helped us immensely in getting through the process and our beverage scientists also spent countless hours formulating and testing and using the latest trends to develop a hangover recovery shot that is very effective and uses a delivery system that will work well on the human body. The South Koreans focus group tested the product and we worked on flavor and effect. We believe we’ve created what will be the best selling hangover relief drink in Korea, Japan & China.”

“This hangover recovery shot is different from what we sell in the USA, but similar in many ways. This is very proprietary and Cure Korea is very happy with what we have achieved and so is everyone at Hangover Joe’s. There were naysayers that said it would never happen and it couldn’t be done and it wasn’t real. We don’t have that kind of attitude at Hangover Joe’s,” said Shawn Adamson head of sales for Hangover Joe’s.  “We looked at how it could be achieved and made it happen. Like all of our products have become known for tasting great and effect, this is an excellent tasting and very effective shot with berry blast flavor. Focus group testing revealed that South Korean consumers will really like how the product tastes and performs, and from where we sit, we see it as another winner.”

“We are going to sell these in six packs in South Korea and Cure Korea has already been pre-selling the shot before it even arrives in the country. They have a very good team and will put this shot into major convenience store chains and also in grocery and liquor distribution as well as big box stores. This product will gain national attention in South Korea. Cure Korea tells us they are going to back it up with a large marketing campaign that will include a major media blitz to outlets and we will share those advertisements with all of our fans and help promote the brand in South Korea. They also intend to aggressively focus on the huge Japanese market and will focus on major retailers and convenience stores and liquor distributors, plus grocery and night clubs throughout Japan and China.

We have contracts with them for exclusive rights in all three countries with set benchmarks for the next 5 years and as such, we expect to sell millions and millions of bottles of our hangover recovery shot through our joint efforts with Cure Korea. It is our sincere belief that our hangover recovery shot for Asia is going to bring millions of dollars of revenue into the company,” said Mike Jaynes, Chairman of the Board for Hangover Joe’s. “Our whole team worked over the last year day and night to make this a reality for the company. Cure Korea has a great team, very strong backing and we have a great co-packer in United One and know we will be able to meet the increasing demand as the market expands in these countries.

“We have been working very hard to make the company a success on all levels,” said Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe’s. “We have a lot going on such as our Git-R-Done-Energy Shot being featured on television on Food Factory USA on the FYI Channel via the A&E Network on June 6th.  We are also presently finalizing a very large distribution arrangement that we’ll share more about in the future that is going to launch both of our brands into thousands and thousands of stores in the USA as well the hangover recovery shot in more countries overseas.

We have our plate full right now with opportunities to tremendously expand our brands and our paramount goal is to keep moving forward and doing what it takes to make our brands the leaders in their respective categories. We are the leaders in The Hangover Recovery Shot market and our new Git-R-Done-Energy shot will become the leading healthy energy shot in the USA.

We are working hard each and every day to Git R Done for HJOE. Hangover Joes is the exclusive producer of The Hangover Recovery Shot, and one of the nation’s top selling anti-hangover recover drink & hangover recovery shot. Git -R-Done-Energy is an officially licensed product of Git -R-Done Productions, Inc. and Larry the Cable Guy and is a healthy energy drink. Visit our website at www.GitRDoneEnergy.com and www.hangoverjoes.com https://www.facebook.com/GitRDoneEnergy https://www.facebook.com/hangoverrecovery and on twitter @ GitRDoneEnergy . @

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