Hint Water Gets “REAL Certified” by United States Healthful Food Council

REAL_logo_web-transparentSan Francisco, CA (February 9, 2015)Hint Inc, maker of all-natural unsweetened essence water, was recently awarded the use of the REAL Certified mark, making it the first CPG beverage manufacturer to be recognized by the United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC). The USHFC is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting diet-related disease by helping to align the food industry’s financial incentives with consumers’ health interests.

“We are extremely honored to have our products recognized as REAL Certified, the nationally recognized mark of excellence for foodservice operators and packaged goods committed to nutrition and sustainability best practices,” said Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint. “We are a mission based company that was created in order to embark change in the way Americans consume water. We continue to produce new flavors and products so consumers can continue to stay hydrated and healthy with natural fruit essence water options.”

REAL Certified is quickly emerging as the beacon for consumers seeking healthful and sustainable food. In order to qualify, independent registered dietitians assess foodservice operators and products across a range of nutrition and sustainability criteria in the areas of Responsible (nutrition), Epicurean (preparation), Agricultural (sourcing) and Leadership (going above and beyond). Those that satisfy prerequisites and earn sufficient points are then licensed to utilize the REAL Certified trademark. Additionally, all REAL Certified products are highlighted in the REAL Certified supplier directory as well as other partner supplier search platforms.

“Sweetened beverages are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic, which is why we have decided to distinguish Hint for its efforts to promote unsweetened water consumption,” said Lawrence Williams, CEO of the United States Healthful Food Council. “Many consumers are confused by nutrition labels and industry health claims, so we’ve designed REAL Certified to provide an easily identifiable mark that represents holistic nutrition and environmental stewardship.”

Hint Water is a healthy alternative to sugary, diet sweetened and artificially flavored beverages that are heavily marketed in today’s marketplace. Kara started Hint when she realized that her fruit essence water made it easier for her to kick her diet soda habit and to get her family off sugary “health” juices.  Hint is now available nationally to help those that want to eliminate soda and other junk-filled drinks from their diet.  It is a perfect solution for people who find it difficult to drink plain water on its own.  Hint – made with real, sustainable ingredients that are all natural – simply infuses the essence of popular fruit flavors into pure water, leaving behind the sugar, to make water taste better.

Hint Water is available in 15 flavors (Pineapple-NEW, Blackberry, Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Mango Grapefruit, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Honeydew, Pear, Cucumber, Lime, Peppermint, Blood Orange, Crisp Apple and Peach).  Hint Fizz is available in 6 flavors (Cherry-NEW, Grapefruit, Blackberry, Peach, Watermelon and Strawberry Kiwi). Hint is available nationwide in retailers such as Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Fresh Market, Duane Reade, and Stop & Shop, as well as online atwww.drinkhint.com.

hint. water made tasty. still or fizzy.

To learn more about Hint Water, please visit: www.DrinkHint.com, and follow @HintWater on Twitter.

About Hint:

Hint is the brainchild of Kara Goldin, a San Francisco mother of four who was seeking a refreshing, unsweetened and no calorie beverage to give her family. Her simple solution – Hint Water.  Launched in 2005, Kara developed Hint in response to the growing wall of beverages that had tons of additives.  Hint is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle, and is available in many delicious flavors including Blackberry, Watermelon, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Mango-Grapefruit, Strawberry-Kiwi and Raspberry-Lime.  Hint Water can be found in fine grocery stores and retailers all over the United States, or purchased online at www.drinkhint.com

About The United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC)

Established in 2011, the USHFC is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit dedicated to fighting diet-related disease by realigning the food industry’s incentives with consumers’ health interests. The USHFC works towards its mission through the REAL Certified holistic nutrition and sustainability certification program. The organization has received financial support from the Tennessee Department of Health, the Park Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President’s Grant Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation. REAL Certified is a registered trademark of the United States Healthful Food Council.  More information can be found at ushfc.org and REALCertified.org or contact Eleni Papadopoulos at eleni@ushfc.org.