Little Me Tea Sales Up 60 Percent in 2014

LMT_logo_Smaller_Size_2Lawrenceville, GA – March 2, 2015 – Big Time Tea, maker of Little Me Tea, the only tea + fruits + veggies juice box for kids, experiences more than 60% sales growth from 2013 to 2014.

Driving the increase is a rising consumer demand for lower sugar drinks for kids combined with retailers’ enthusiasm for unique products to meet those demands. Little Me Tea is simply tea sweetened with fruits and veggies, no added sugar, no caffeine and, at just 6 grams per juice box, is lower in sugar than any other juice box.

“Parents are becoming more and more educated about the importance of lowering their children’s sugar intake,” said Melinda Hicks, Founder and President of Big Time Tea. “Our goal was to create the healthiest drink possible for children, while still providing a drink kids love.”

In fact, Little Me Tea is 30% lower in sugar than the lowest sugar competitor. With the addition of two new flavors, Fruit Punch Tea and Berry Tasty Tea, which won the Best of East Press Award 2014, Little Me Tea has created a healthier alternative to juice that both parents and kids love.

Little Me Tea is USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, making the brand well-positioned in the category to ride the explosive growth of interest in those types of products.

“What makes this journey so rewarding is meeting parents and kids across the country who get big smiles on their faces when they taste Little Me Tea for the first time. Knowing that we provide a great alternative to sugary drinks and a healthier lunch box option makes us determined to continue to grow the company and be a major player in this market segment,” added Hicks.

Little Me Tea is creating a fan base of loyal followers across the country through local store tastings, event marketing, aggressive social media and by positioning itself as a leader in bringing to market truly transparent, healthy drinks that parents can trust.

About Little Me Tea

Melinda Hicks wanted a truly healthy kid’s beverage for her daughter, not just one that was a little “less bad.” While options existed for lower sugar, some still had added sugar, and none were truly healthy, so she created Little Me Tea, the first and only organic tea beverage for kids. With Little Me Tea, kids aren’t just getting less sugar, they’re also getting the fabulous health benefits of tea and organic fruits and veggies.

For more information, contact Beth Bond at or 404-578-2414.