Serafin Juice Launches Indiegogo Campaign

xrxitwahyihfuy9gs5tqSAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) OCTOBER 14, 2015-Today, Serafin Juice announced its plan to launch an Indiegogo campaign to fund its organic, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly juice company called Serafin Juice. Serafin Juice plans to transform the juice industry by being the first of its kind to offer a give-back model that when juice is bought, juice is given. Co-founders and sisters, Katie and Amy Serafin, said they started Serafin Juice after a series life altering events.

“What started out as a business plan to open a juice and smoothie bar quickly shifted to wanting to get our healthy product to as many people as possible. In April 2015, our father suffered an unexpected heart attack and passed away. This was nearly unbearable for us and our family; we knew that we needed to create the change in the world that we wanted to see. We set out to create a company that was rooted in nutrition that we could share from coast to coast.”

Launching with six refreshing 8-ounce cold-pressed juice concoctions marked with their slogan “Juice Bought is Juice Given”, Serafin Juice is in the process of partnering with schools and organizations to get healthy options into the hands of out next generation. The idea is that these partnerships will help pave the way to greater understanding of the importance of health education all while giving back to the communities around us.

“Giving back is so important to us because without it we are just another company out there slinging bottles of juice.” Katie said “We want to make a difference and do something that matters”

Katie and Amy will be launching their 30-day campaign on Indiegogo Sunday, October 18th. If you’re interested in partnering with Serafin Juice or want to learn more about their upcoming Indiegogo campaign you can visit their website at