Agua Brands Signs Partnership With Bevi Water Coolers


Agua Brands, makers of The NEW Beverage, Agua Active Hydration and Agua Fruit Essence announce a partnership with Bevi, a smart water cooler that provides filtered, plain, sparkling and flavored water on demand. The collaboration will provide consumers with Agua Fruit Essence fruit infused waters at hundreds of Bevi operated offices in NYC, Boston and the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Agua’s brand mission to provide optimal hydration without sacrificing great taste was a natural fit with Bevi’s mission to “Enjoy water more. Enjoy more water,” with environmentally friendly machines convenient for water customization that let users customize beverages in seconds with a variety of all natural and healthy flavor options for its users. The brands will begin a roll-out program with Agua’s ever popular Lime + Mint Mojito and Peach + Mango Fruit Essence later this month, allowing consumers to enjoy delicious hydration from a brand that they rely on for great taste.

Carol Dollard, Founder of Agua Brands is proud to provide Agua Fruit Essence zero- calorie, zero- sweetener, fruit- infused formula with the Bevi Corporation., “We are very excited to work with an innovative brand such as Bevi who is looking ahead to the future to transform how beverages are delivered, eliminating waste to help the environment. Agua Brands is also on a similar mission to provide better for you beverages that deliver essential hydration as a form of natural energy to consumers, eliminating high-calorie, sugar-laden beverages to the marketplace”.

Sean Grundy, Co-Founder and CEO of Bevi, said of the partnership, “We’re thrilled to offer Agua Fruit Essence and Active Hydration to our customers throughout the country. Our corporate customers are always looking to provide their employees with the most innovative, healthiest, and best-tasting beverages out there. The Agua team has developed some amazing products and we’re eager to get them in our customers’ hands! This is our first experience working with a bottled beverage company to mix their formulation in our machines, and we’re really excited for the opportunity.”

About Agua Brands
Agua Brands was launched by founder Dr. Carol Dollard, Ph.D., former Chief Operating Officer of Glacéau (vitaminwater), and former Glacéau CFO Michael Venuti, who serves as President. Dr. Dollard played a primary role in the development, creation and ultimate success of Vitamin Water and, prior to that, oversaw worldwide ingredients and flavors at Pepsi-Cola. She and Venuti drew on their experience of enhanced waters and energy drinks to introduce a new beverage category offering maximum hydration for health-minded consumers. Both brands are available in select grocery stores, fresh markets and online at For more information, please visit or follow Agua Brands at, or on Twitter at

About Bevi
Bevi is on a mission to redesign the beverage supply chain with high-tech machines that create personalized beverages on demand, eliminating the need for disposable bottles and cans. Users can create a variety of still and sparkling drinks in seconds using filtered tap water, fruit concentrates, vitamins, and sweeteners. Machines are internet-connected and controlled, enabling remote customization and seamless restocking of ingredients. The company was founded out of MIT in 2013. For more information, please visit or