Bulletproof Recalls FATwater

fatwaterFATwater, the much-publicized enhanced water brand, is off the market following a December recall.

Launched in 2015 by Bulletproof, a company best known for an energy-boosting recipe that blends coffee with grass-fed butter and oil, FATwater made headlines with its unusual name and formulation, which combines water with small amounts of the company’s XCT Oil, an ingredient sourced from coconuts and palm kernel oil. The beverage contains no sugar and is promoted by Bulletproof as offering “clean-burning energy from fat” and “powerful hydration using the power of quality fats.”

FATwater made its debut in July, 2015 with three flavored varieties and was sold on Bulletproof’s website and company cafes as well as at a handful of retailers.

News about the recall was revealed in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) weekly enforcement report, which lists information about recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts regarding FDA-regulated products. The agency’s report for the week of February 17 stated that FATwater’s Berry, Lemon and Tangerine products were all “recalled due to microbial growth detection” and that “no E.coli or other pathogens were detected.” Bulletproof voluntarily initiated the recall on December 10, 2015, according to the report.

In response to an inquiry about the recall, Bulletproof Chief Strategy Officer Daryl Moore emailed BevNET the following statement:

“Bulletproof identified unexpected contaminants and acted very quickly and responsibly to address and correct the issues. There is no information that anyone has had any problems from using FATwater and Bulletproof is using the information learned from this experience to better FATwater and get it back on the market.”

Bulletproof also included several additional statements about the recall, including the timing and specific information about its execution.

The company said that on December 9, 2015, it “discovered unexpected microbial contaminants in certain FATwater lots and within 24 hours undertook a voluntary recall,” noting that the contamination was discovered through testing of its product.

Shortly after the recall was initiated, Bulletproof stated that it notified the FDA and followed agency guidance “at each step of the recall, including: quarantine and destruction of product, notification to customers, performance of a root cause analysis and health hazard evaluation and implementation of remedial measures.”

Bulletproof said that the FDA designated the recall as Class 3, “the lowest classification of recall which is reserved for products that the FDA determines do not pose a risk to consumers’ health, and noted that it “has no reports that any customers have had any problems from using FATwater.”

The company said that it has “undertaken all the steps requested by FDA” and “hopes to close out the recall in the near term.”

“Bulletproof is taking this opportunity to look at every aspect of the production process with FATwater and incorporate any learnings into the plans to re-commercialize FATwater,” the company said.