Hydro One Premium Beverages Announces Partnership with USC Track and Field Coach Curtis Frye

Coach Curtis Frye and Hydro One Premium Beverages Team Up Against DiabetesFor Hydro One Premium Beverages, it isn’t just a number’s game.  While there is strength in numbers, CEO Sammy Nasrollahi will tell you, “The actions of an individual can impact millions.”

A powerful example of this is Coach Curtis Frye, who Hydro One Beverages is proud to name as our Diabetic Advocate in our joint mission to educate people about the epidemic of diabetes and obesity and our mission to introduce healthy options to sugary beverages.

In his 20th year as USC’s track and field coach, Coach Frye can speak from experiences in his personal and professional life about the devastation of diabetes and of the power of individual courage.  With accolades too numerous to list, Frye has been named to the Team USA Men’s Coaching Staff for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janero.  This is his second Olympics challenge; he served as an assistant coach for US Women’s Track and Field at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.  Frye is also a three-time USTCA National Coach of the year.  In 1999 he became the first person in the history of the USTCA to win the award for both indoors and outdoors in the same year. He  is also a three-time SEC Coach of the Year.  Off of the track, Frye has also produced winners in the classroom with his athletes earning four OSTFCCCA National Scholar-Athlete of the year honors and three SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year awards.

Spend any time with Coach Frye and you will began to understand why he has been so respected and honored as a coach.  Most telling is his modesty and his desire to use his influence to inspire and improve the lives of others. Far from following an easy path, Frye grew-up seeing his grandfather, father, and brother struggle with diabetes and lose the fight.   As a father himself, Frye’s own diagnosis with diabetes gave him a new perspective.  Recognizing the tremendous opportunity he had, in 2011 he and his wife Wilma launched The Frye Foundation,  “a nonprofit organization dedicated to the assistance of persons and their families that deal with diabetes and mental illnesses, as well as other charitable causes.”  They host 5k run/walks, have a charity golf tournament, and sponsor other events to raise money which goes into research and development, scholarships and mentoring programs.

Coach Frye says,  “I am most grateful for the reward of having a stage on which I can make a difference in the lives of others.”  In his message on www.thefryefoundation.org, Coach Frye explains that he has pledged to commit his resources to supporting others dealing with diabetes and mental illness. “That’s why after meeting with the Hydro One Team and learning the full benefits of their all natural and functional beverages, I decided to partner with them.  They are passionate about their products and have worked hard to develop the only drink with a US Patent to help individuals with diabetes, like me, and to offer healthy options for those trying to avoid diabetes.”

Expressing the gratitude of Hydro One Beverages, CEO Nasrollahi recognizes “that it is an honor to have Coach Frye as a Diabetes Advocate and we are happy that he and his family enjoy drinking our all natural diabetic friendly beverages.”