Rubicon Exotic Beverages Launches in United States Through Partnership with New York Preferred Beverage Distributors

(September 12, 2016) – With over 30 years of heritage in producing the finest exotic juice beverages, Rubicon Exotic Juices have arrived in the United States.  Rubicon has officially partnered with Preferred Beverage Distributors in NYC.  This partnership will allow consumers in NYC Metropolitan area to experience the signature, exotic flavors of Rubicon Juices.

Rubicon, the UK, Canada, and the Middle East’s #1 exotic juice brand, offers a delicious range of still classics, 100% juice (no sugar added), and sparkling juice beverages for its legions of exotic juice fans.  Rubicon is committed to making sure these juice beverages are identical to each fruits unique nature.  They are cool, refreshing, exciting, authentic, and a true crowd pleaser.  Consumers will be happy with the 100% natural fruit content will be delighted with the exiting array of exotic fruit flavors including Passion Fruit, Mango, Guava, Lychee, Pomegranate and Soursop.

Rubicon Exotic Beverages Launches in United States Through Partnership with New York Preferred Beverage Distributors

Preferred Distributors is a refrigerated and non-refrigerated beverage distributor based in Glendale, New York servicing Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn directly and Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk, and Westchester counties through a sub distributor network. Along with Rubicon Exotic, Preferred Distributors currently distributes Purity Organic Coconut Water, Maine Root Organic Soda, Detox Water, and Calypso Lemonade.

“We are very excited to partner with Preferred Beverage Distributors to expand Rubicon’s delicious exotic juice brand into the United States.  This partnership will open up new opportunities for customers and fans to be transported to a tropical place with the authentic and unique flavors of Rubicon exotic fruit juices,” says Cascadia Managing Brands’ Managing Partner, Bill Sipper.

Rubicon’s success is marked through their global recognition in 85 international territories including UK, USA, Canada, India, Singapore and the UAE, with products stocked in over 120,000 leading supermarkets worldwide.  It has won the hearts and loyalty of many family households, through the brand’s continuous passion and determination in creating unique exotic juice drinks of the highest quality, only using the finest ingredients.

Rubicon has had a special meaning ever since Julius Caesar made a major commitment, against the Senate’s orders, to cross the river Rubicon between Gaul and Italy. This action was the first step in what eventually led to the creation of the Roman Empire. Like Caesar, the founders of Rubicon Exotic took a leap of faith and ‘crossed the Rubicon’. There was no going back… And we’re so glad they didn’t!

Rubicon utilizes the expertise of Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Managing Brands to develop and deploy its sales, marketing and distribution strategy.  You can follow us at the following social media accounts:
Instagram: @drinkrubicon

About Rubicon: In 1982, two employees of a major international soft drinks company based out of the UK saw a gap in the soft drink market that was too irresistible to ignore. The two friends got to work in the humble surrounding of a kitchen lab where they begin to devise their range of exotic juice beverages, that before then did not exist in the soft drink market. It was here Rubicon was born.

Rubicon’s success is testament to the founder’s commitment in creating unique exotic juice drinks of the highest quality, using only the finest ingredients!

For additional information please contact Bill Sipper at or at 201-962-8622.