Suja’s Secret: Charcoal-Infused Juice Gets Limited Edition Treatment

secret-sku-low-resLast week cold-pressed juice leader Suja released a new limited-edition product called Midnight Tonic. The beverage, which was made available for sale exclusively on Suja’s website, contains activated charcoal, known as a detoxifying ingredient, and schizandra berry, an adaptogenic herb said to enhance mental clarity and energy; it also includes lemon juice, stevia, and ginger juice.

Suja produced only 1,000 16 oz. bottles and limited purchases to a maximum of six bottles — each priced at $5.99 — per customer. However, the company also required customers to buy a minimum of six bottles, due to what it termed as “packaging and shipping requirements.”

Suja CMO Heather MacNeil Cox said that the release of Midnight Tonic was an extension of the brand’s 2016 “Surprise + Delight” initiative, one in which Suja “sought out creative ways to give back to our community, whether it be through surprising people on social media who post hashtags indicating they are having a bad day.”

“The marketing team… had been wanting to do something fun, unique and special for Suja’s fanbase,” Cox said.

Prior to its release on Friday, Suja teased the debut of Midnight Tonic on social media and sent packages of the juice to a handful of celebrities, including Eva Longoria and Jesse McCartney, who shared images and video of the product on Snapchat and Twitter. A number of influential health and wellness bloggers also generated online buzz about the launch.

As was expected, a buying frenzy ensued: Suja sold out of the product soon after it hit the site. Although releasing Midnight Tonic in the way that it did might have been a way for Suja to test to the effectiveness of its celebrity marketing engine and blogger network, Cox said that was not was not the primary aim.

“From the beginning Suja has had a very solid celebrity and influencer fanbase, so this was just another opportunity to do something fun and different to thank them for their loyalty,” she said.

Cox also said that release of Midnight Tonic was not intended was test the resonance of cleanse versus juice products. She noted that the company sees “benefits in all of our products, ranging from juices, to our Fresh Starts to our newer functional lines such as Drinking Vinegars.”