Sunshine Beverages Introduces Clementine Twist and Blueberry Lemonade Flavors

Sunshine Beverages Toasts Growth with New FlavorsWINSTON-SALEM, N.C. Sunshine Beverages, creator of the pick-me-up of good energy, introduces two new flavors to its line-up that’s gaining favor with national distributors and consumers alike. Clementine Twist and Blueberry Lemonade join Ginger Berry to brighten people’s day with good energy from electrolytes, vitamins, and naturally flavored deliciousness.

Sunshine is unlike any other energy drink. It brings people good energy through good ingredients. Clementine Twist features 200 percent of the daily dose of Vitamin C, Blueberry Lemonade is made with 100 percent organic caffeine, and Original Ginger Berry is made with real ginger root extract. The trio creates a great-tasting pick-me-up with just enough caffeine without all the sugar and artificial nonsense.

“We’ve experienced exceptional growth since our 2013 launch and want to continue driving this momentum by giving people more good energy options,” said Keith Vest, co-founder, Sunshine Beverages. “These two new flavors represent our brand’s evolution as we continue to find ways to surprise and delight people, and bring them a unique balance of taste, health and function.”

The Sunshine brand has sold more than 350,000 cans of Original Ginger Berry in more than 700 locations across the southeast and in states like New York, Montana and Indiana. Distributors R.H. Barringer, American Premium Beverage, International Gourmet Foods, Indiana Beverage, Cornucopia, and Summit Beverage support the growing footprint. The new flavors of Sunshine initially will be available at major grocery chains like Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion

“We began carrying Sunshine in its early days in 2013 because we have a strong commitment to supporting local brands and bringing people products we believe in,” said Todd Bostian, beverage category manager, Lowes Foods. “Sunshine continues to sell well, and we’re anticipating that same solid performance when we bring the two new flavors to our shelves.”

Sunshine is available in retail locations across the southeast in convenience stores, markets, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, wineries, and universities. It is also available through and People can also “Share the Sunshine” with friends through a personal – and drinkable – greeting card that Sunshine Beverages will hand-pack and send along with consumers’ messages.

Find more information about Sunshine, or to send a friend the world’s first drinkable greeting card, visit Join the conversation at @drinkthesunshine on Instagram.

About Sunshine Beverages, LLC

Sunshine Beverages is a pick-me-up of a good energy born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sunshine has good-for-you ingredients such as electrolytes and vitamin B12 that hydrate the body and awaken the senses – without the artificial nonsense. It packs great taste with natural flavors, ingredients and colors; essential vitamins and minerals; and does not have the high fructose syrup and additives like guarana and taurine, while still delivering the kick-in-the-pants people are seeking. Sunshine Beverages, LLC launched Sunshine in July 2013 and quickly gained strong consumer loyalty in convenience and grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and other regional retailers. Sunshine is sold in single cans for $1.99 SRP and in four-packs for $6.99 SRP. For more information, or to find a location where Sunshine is sold, visit