Taste Nirvana Adds Coco Passion and Coco Matcha Flavors

-YXYdN4yLOS ANGELES (March 2015) – Known for its artisan line of premium all-natural coconut waters, Taste Nirvana will showcase 2 new richly flavored and nutritious coconut water beverages – Coco Passion – Coconut Water with Passion Fruit and Coco Matcha – Coconut Water with Pure Matcha Green Tea.

The Coco Passion – Pure Coconut Water with Passion Fruit is unlike any beverage that is currently available in the coconut water category. Taste Nirvana uses real passion fruit pulp, instead of passion fruit extracts or juices, to provide the succulent flavors of the natural passion fruit. The coconut water is further enhanced by crunchy passion fruit seeds that are known to be powerhouses of vitality. With the infusion of pure passion fruit pulp and seeds, the Coconut Water with Passion Fruit offers a deliciously wonderful experience that is enticing to the taste buds.

Taste Nirvana has chosen to the develop the Coconut Water with Passion Fruit to provide a coconut water beverage that is not only thirst quenching, but also healthy and immunity-boosting for all fruit lovers. Passion fruit is a fat free, cholesterol free, low calorie fruit that is a great source of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. The passion fruit pulp and seeds are especially rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, and one serving provides 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Passion fruit offers many health benefits including the ability to prevent cancer growth, support eyesight and healthy skin, as well as aid blood circulation.

Like Taste Nirvana’s Original Coconut Water, which has no other ingredient besides natural coconut water, Coco Matcha – Pure Coconut Water with Matcha Green Tea is free of preservatives, concentrates or any artificial flavors and sugar. It is a pure combination of natural coconut water and refreshing matcha green tea leaves. Matcha, which is a special form of green tea, is the highest quality powdered green tea available. Because matcha is produced with a highly sophisticated technology with actual whole green tea leaves, it is rich in antioxidants including catechin, most widely known for fighting cancer cells as well as assisting with better blood sugar regulation. The U.S. market has begun to recognize the great benefits and uniqueness of matcha, as shown through the launch of MatchaBar in New York City and matcha infused products.

“We are always motivated by unique ingredients and dedicated to bring the finest quality beverages from Thailand,” said Jack Wattanaporn, Founder of Taste Nirvana. Founded in 2003, Taste Nirvana is a multigenerational, family-own company that is a true expert in producing the best authentic and original flavors from Thailand. “We are proud to tell our consumers that Taste Nirvana coconut waters are not only rich in flavor, but also provide nutritional healthy benefits derived from nature.”

Taste Nirvana’s Coco Passion & Coco Matcha will be distributed in 9.5 oz glass bottles for $2.49 For more information on participating retail location or Taste Nirvana’s full line of delicious beverages, please visit www.tastenirvana.com.

About Taste Nirvana

Our award winning taste sets us apart from other brands. Our family’s desire to share the best of Thailand’s flavors does to. Taste Nirvana was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide the best tasting beverages using Thailand’s finest resources. The latest all-natural incarnation of a multi-generational Thai family business – Taste Nirvana produces authentic ready-to-drink Thai coffee, Thai teas, coconut water & functional health drinks. Among these products, Taste Nirvana’s all-natural coconut waters are the closest thing to drinking directly out of an actual coconut and second-best only to Mother Nature. For more information on our family company, and how dedicated we are to to green, sustainable practices, please visit www.tastenirvana.com.