GT’s Kombucha Partners With Spartan Race

LOS ANGELES, CA – (September 14, 2017) – GT’s Kombucha, the #1-selling Kombucha brand and pioneering proponent of proper gut health, is teaming up with Spartan, the largest obstacle race and endurance brand in the world.

Awareness around the importance of maintaining a healthy gut is spreading rapidly, not only for improved digestion but also to promote overall wellness and immune function. This new partnership highlights the steadily growing demand for probiotics through fermented food and drink options.

“Spartan is dedicated to keeping our competitors healthy, and we know when endurance athletes push their bodies to the limit, they require higher levels of nutrient consumption to achieve optimal performance,” said Spartan Vice President of Global Partnerships, Ian Lawson. “GT’s Kombucha provides living probiotics that are vital for our Spartans’ health, both on and off the course, and we are always excited to work with partners that share our values for nutrition and well-being.”

With an unapologetic commitment to authenticity, GT’s offers a 100% organic, unfiltered Kombucha. The brand celebrates the living culture strands in each batch, allowing the “floaties” to create distinct and effervescent personality in each bottle. Packed with billions of living probiotics in each bottle, this unique beverage serves as a fitting, functional refreshment to help Spartan athletes replenish their systems after a long and grueling day of intense physical activity.

“We make living food for the living body,” said GT Dave, Founder & CEO of GT’s Living Foods, “and nothing better exemplifies a living body than that of a Spartan. As these remarkable athletes continue to challenge themselves and put their willpower to the test, it is our absolute privilege to serve them on their inspiring quest for physical achievement and personal growth.”

GT’s Kombucha, the flagship product of GT’s Living Foods since 1995, will be served at all U.S. Spartan Races for the next year, offering a flavorful variety of fizzy, fermented nutrition to the millions of Spartan athletes nationwide.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Joe DeSena, Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand. Beyond engaging more than 1 million participants across more than 200 race events, the Spartan lifestyle spans more than 30 countries and encompasses a global championship series, training and nutrition programs, health and wellness products and a range of media entities.

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