Mad Croc Brands Launches Orange Energy Drink

Mad CrocDeerfield Beach, FL (March 8th, 2017) – Mad Croc Brands today announced Orange Energy Drink. Mad Croc’s Orange Energy is an additional beverage to their already exciting energy products portfolio.

Orange Energy contains pure cane sugar and has an energy formulation that is similar to the original Mad Croc Energy Drink, but with an exciting new orange flavor. The beverage features excellent mix-ability and is well-suited both for on-premise and off-premise market segments.

Initially, the new flavor is available in 8.4oz cans and will be available in the 16oz package slated for Q3 of 2017.

“We are very excited about this new flavor profile, as our tests demonstrate success in both on and off premise” said Robert Tamcsin, CEO for Mad Croc Brands Inc. “This is the first of many new products planned for 2017.”

About Mad Croc Brands, Inc.

Mad Croc has generated over $600 million in world-wide sales and is the only global energy brand with a full portfolio of products including energy drinks, shots, gum, chews and licorice. Regular Mad Croc products contain pure cane sugar, B vitamins, caffeine and taurine for a healthy boost that eases fatigue, increases alertness and enhances your senses.

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