Mountjoy Sparkling Releases Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Water

SONOMA, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) — Mountjoy Sparkling, Northern California’s leading producer of cannabis-infused sparkling water is now available in dispensaries throughout California and online. The beverage is made using the finest, full-spectrum cannabis oils containing 12mg of hybrid THC and water sourced from a pristine aquifer on a Sonoma County ranch. Additionally, it is carbonated at near-freezing temperatures to create the most refreshing drink possible.

Cannabis consumption has gotten needlessly complicated. Mountjoy Sparkling brings back the original, natural innocence of the cannabis experience, with a sophisticated, modern flair. The beverage is a zero calorie, guilt free, alternative for cannabis consumption with naturally flavored options of peach, orange, and natural. The beverage comes in a slender, resealable bottle designed to be portable and an easy fit in most purses, gym bags, and totes. Because the product is fast-acting, it relieves the stress and uncertainty of THC edibles that require a waiting period.

“The elegance of cannabis has been lost in the pursuit of the most intense high,” said Alex Mountjoy, Founder of Mountjoy Sparkling. “We set out to create a beverage that reimagined the cannabis experience to bring it back to its most simple and innocent form. That’s why we hand make every batch of Mountjoy, from the water to the bubbles to the cannabis blend, right in Sonoma County allowing for purity in every sip.”

Mountjoy Sparkling is an approachable, reliable product that easily mixes into different social situations – from the after workout beverage to the cocktail alternative – making it the new cannabis consumption solution. Furthermore, the effects of Mountjoy Sparkling are scalable, meaning the customer is armed with the power of choice when consuming and will never lose presence of mind in the process. By alleviating stressors and calming the mind, Mountjoy Sparkling reveals the vibrancy of life that makes our world sparkle.

About Mountjoy Sparkling

Founded in 2016 by Alex Mountjoy, Mountjoy Sparkling is Northern California’s leading producer of cannabis-infused sparkling water, just enough THC to make you feel nice. Mountjoy Sparkling is the cost of a latte and the calories of a glass of water. For the modern cannabis user, Mountjoy Sparkling is an everyday product you can keep in your fridge.

Mountjoy Sparkling is available online or through the following dispensaries or delivery services: Harborside, Sonoma Patient Group, Vallejo Holistic Health Center, Ketama (San Francisco), Megan’s Organics, Santa Barbara Care Center, and B-Green (Los Angeles). If your dispensary doesn’t carry Mountjoy Sparkling, please suggest that they do.

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Stephanie Mann