Quartzo Water Signs Distribution Agreement in Florida

MIAMI — Quartzo Water announces distribution agreement in Florida with Go 2 Distribution.

The new agreement between the two companies is expected to introduce Quartzo Water to approximately 2,000 Florida locations by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

“We’re very pleased by this agreement, Quartzo water is aligned with our company goal to represent natural products for the health oriented consumer” said Mario Amador, CEO of Go 2 Distribution.

About Quartzo

Quartzo water is sourced in an aquifer 2,200 feet below the surface in the Southern Hemisphere. The company mission is to provide a natural alkaline water without artificial ingredients or additives. You can learn more about Quartzo Water by visiting www.quartzoplus.com or following them on instagram or facebook.

“In a time where bottled water companies keep adding ingredients to their water, we’ve decided to go the other way. Quartzo’s only ingredient is artesian water, and the impressive pH of 9.5 is completely natural. You can’t compete with natural,” said Lucas Walter, the Director of Sales for Quartzo.