Slang Beverages Launches in New York

NEW YORK — Slang Beverages has announced the launch of its ready-to-drink beverages and other products. Included in the launch are the company’s La Pela Energy Drink, LOL Superfruit Iced Tea, and LOL Agua Fresca.

The La Pela Energy Drink is designed with the Hispanic Market in mind. It not only appeals to the Latino but also to the general market with a bilingual label. The formulation is also special, not too different from the leading brand but with an exclusive combination of very popular ingredients and great flavor.

With LOL Superfruit Iced Tea the company states it has created a new category of Superfruit Iced Teas. A unique product with unique flavors. Bilingual label to reach a wider audience. Customers will love the combination of Superfruit ingredients and the exceptional taste.

With LOL Agua Fresca, the company believes the market is ready for a different flavored water loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, as well as tropical flavors that are not available anywhere else. It features a bilingual label.

About Slang Beverages

Slang Beverages was founded is to manufacture and distribute functional ready-to-drink (“RTD”) beverages that include enhanced water, energy drinks, RTD iced teas, and other products. Part of the company’s strategy is to focus on the rapidly growing Hispanic consumer segment. The Company is providing the Hispanic consumer products that are better aligned with its tastes and flavor preferences. We want to be the healthier alternative of choice for our targeted consumers. We pride ourselves in providing products with superior quality at competitive prices by selecting the best quality of ingredients and developing unique tastes.