Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 Video: CideRoad Adds Some Spritz to Switchel

CideRoad founder and CEO Kevin Duffy hopes that the company’s latest innovation, Spritzel, will help bolster consumer awareness of switchel, an apple cider vinegar-based beverage, as “America’s original soft drink.”

Spritzel, a sparkling version of CideRoad’s switchel, was the focal point of the company’s booth at the recently held 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show. In a video interview with BevNET, Duffy discussed the development of the brand extension as a way to reach more consumers looking for a low-calorie, low-sugar offering.

“Our original switchel is a full-calorie drink; it’s got about 17g of sugar per serving,” Duffy said. “We were looking at what’s going on in the market, and, obviously, sugar is the new evil. We wanted to find a way to take the sugar out. And that’s where Spritzel came in. Bubbles were a really good way to give back mouthfeel… when you take sugar out of a product.”

Packaged in 12 oz. slim cans, Spritzel is certified organic and sweetened with maple syrup and monk fruit extract. Each can contains 35 calories and 6g of sugar. CideRoad created three botanical-tinged varieties for the line: Blueberry + Honeysuckle, Watermelon + Mint, and Strawberry + Basil. Duffy believes the taste profiles will meet consumer demand for bolder flavors.

“What consumers are looking for has really changed in the last three years,” he explained. “Maybe it’s the millennial effect; maybe it’s the ‘Whole Foods’ effect. People’s tastes are leaning toward more of tart, rather than just salty and sugary. More interesting flavor profiles and complexity is what the consumer wants these days.”

Watch our full video interview with Duffy for further discussion about Spritzel, as well as CideRoad’s expanded retail and distribution footprint and the company’s innovation pipeline.