BevNET Live Summer 2018 Video: The Role of Leadership with Bill Weiland

Everybody has a bit of advice on how to run a company. But it’s usually best to take it from someone who’s lived it.

Bill Weiland, at the time already a 12-year veteran of the natural products industry, founded Presence Marketing in 1990 and has grown it to be the largest independent natural and organic products broker in the U.S. In his closing presentation at BevNET Live Summer 2018 in New York City, Weiland shares the lessons he’s learned as a CEO and the qualities great business leaders need — and the flaws that will kill a business.

At Presence Marketing, Weiland plans ahead, fully commits to every decision, and he cultivates “a winning culture” where gossip and petty conflicts aren’t tolerated and everybody from top to bottom is enthused and excited to go to work. Leaders need to set the example and create an environment geared toward success.

“Culture is a manufactured variable,” Weiland said. “You set the example first by providing a solid foundation in your business … and then setting expectations. Expectations for everything; for work, how prepared you want your team to be, how you want people to conduct themselves.”

Watch the full presentation above.