BevNET Live Winter 2018 Video: On Women in Beverage with REBBL, Dry Soda & Millennial Brands

Over the last two years, an overdue collective awakening has been taking place across society, as female leaders and advocates have been leading the charge to change entrenched sexist attitudes that have become systemic challenges for women in both business and culture.

Those efforts extend to women leaders in the beverage industry; following a discussion that began at BevNET Live Summer 2018, a panel of women entrepreneurs and brand builders at BevNET Live Winter 2018 examined the former and current beverage landscape from a female perspective. Sharelle Klaus, founder and CEO of DRY Soda, Vanessa Walker, founder of Millennial Brands, and REBBL CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin looked to identify the underpinning issues that limit opportunities for women to advance in business, but also sought ways to affect gradual positive change.

O’Loughlin emphasized the importance of not simply recruiting more women and minorities into the industry but actually changing the status quo by making women more comfortable to share their voice. Walker echoed that sentiment, while noting the importance of expanding the types of roles that women can play.

“Because you are female doesn’t mean you can only be in marketing,” she said.

In this clip, Klaus, O’Loughlin and Walker assess the progress women have made in the industry thus far, while urging and encouraging the beverage community to keep taking strides forward towards gender equality.