Infuse Your Life Partners with Nutritional Products International

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Infuse Your Life Inc. is excited to announce a new exclusive partnership with industry leader, Nutritional Products International based in Boca Raton, Fla. The timing couldn’t be better for this local health product start-up that has envisioned a path into the US market for the last two years.

Inspired to create something unique for both the health product and beverage industries, The Infuse Your Life Inc. team has a strong ambition to create a shift in the marketplace as consumer demands for healthier options continues to rise.

Vice-President Clint Richter, states, “Our mission has and always will be to change the way people think about, purchase, and consume health products through innovative product solutions specifically designed for heart health.”

Together with Kelowna, B.C. manufacturing partner Nature’s Formulae, and Los Angeles based beverage experts, Power Brands; NPI brings a wealth of knowledge and unmatched expertise in launching brands into the US health product marketplace. Mitch Gould, CEO and Brian Gould .President are a third and fourth generation manufacturing and retail distribution professional cornerstone that have placed hundreds of products from all over the world into the US market. Having a keen eye for products that have potential to make a major splash combined with the true influence needed to bring success, this new partnership in time will surely put this small start-up on the map with their flagship product G-Cubed: Plant-Based Cardiovascular Support, and the upcoming launch of Soul: Cardiovascular Sparkling Water.

As a leading sales and management firm, NPI has unique and intimate relationships with key buyers across all major channels that give brands the awareness they need. No other health and wellness company offers the level of comprehensive turn-key solutions combined with evolving marketing innovation as NPI.

“We realized that teaming up with a company like NPI will give us both short-term stability and long-term brand awareness as we connect with consumers in the largest market in the world; where trends really are set. We identified heart disease as the #1 reason for death globally, and we are working tirelessly to bring fully transparent products into the hands of people that need them.”

For Kevin Hill, who has been the face of the brand since day one, he is gearing up for another season on the FIS World Cup Tour and couldn’t be happier as his humble start-up has secured a contract that is without question a turning point in its growth.