Life Line 3 IN 1 Now Available at Hy-Vee Stores

CINCINNATI — Tri-Balance Health Solutions, makers of Life Line 3 IN 1, the fastest growing stress relief shot in the Midwest, today has announced that Life Line 3 IN 1 has been authorized in Hy-Vee. The product will be distributed by Lomar Distributing.

Life Line 3 IN 1 is a 2oz., multi-functional, natural plant based shot that promotes stress relief, energy and focus without the use of caffeine, harsh/synthetic stimulants or any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. The active ingredient, Zembrin, attacks fatigue and brain fog at the root of the cause, stress. Stress causes physical and mental tension, which gradually drains your energy throughout the day. Relieving stress allows you to stay energized, focused and high-performing.

“Hy-Vee has made a big push for promoting healthier products in their stores,” said Brady Mescher, Chief Executive Officer of Tri-Balance Health Solutions. “We couldn’t be happier that they see Life Line 3 IN 1 as a healthier alternative to promoting sustainable energy and focus through the management of stress.”

“Stress is becoming a major part of our everyday lives. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization calls stress the ‘Health Epidemic of the 21st Century’. We created Life Line 3 IN 1 to help consumers conveniently and safely battle stress. So, we are thrilled when new partners like Hy-Vee come on board, endorsing our mission to help consumers improve their lives by better managing their stress,” said Brady.

Hy-Vee, one the region’s largest grocery chains, operates more than 240 retail stores and 135 convenient stores in eight Midwestern states, including Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

About Tri-Balance Health Solutions 

Tri-Balance Health Solutions, headquartered in Northern Kentucky, is the owner and distributor of LIFE LINE 3 IN 1.

LIFE LINE 3 IN 1 is distributed through Lomar, Core-Mark, HT Hackney and McLane Life Line 3 IN 1 can also be found in other retailers such as Kroger C-Stores, and numerous independent C-Stores throughout the Nation.

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About Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation operating more than 245 retail stores across eight Midwestern states with sales of $10 billion annually. The supermarket chain is synonymous with quality, variety, convenience, healthy lifestyles, culinary expertise and superior customer service. Hy-Vee ranks in the Top 10 Most Trusted Brands and has been named one of America’s Top 5 favorite grocery stores. The company’s 85,000 employees provide “A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle” to customers every day. For additional information, visit