The Pickle Juice Company Receives USDA Organic Certification

MESQUITE, Texas — The Pickle Juice Company, developer of the only trademarked and purpose built functional Pickle Juice sports beverage, announces today its federal recognition as U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic certified, one of the most widely recognized symbols of organic approval. To consumers, the organic label guarantees that Pickle Juice contains a minimum of 95 percent organic ingredients, and highlights its lack of additives or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. This announcement comes on the heels of the product’s recent OU Kosher Certification, serving as another testament to the company’s dedication to consumer health and wellness, as well as its commitment to limiting negative environmental impact during production.

“Receiving USDA organic certification represents another step in our ongoing effort to produce the best, most functional and healthiest products available. We are extremely proud to be working with a beverage line that offers consumers the only all-natural and proven solution to muscle cramps and dehydration,” said Filip Keuppens, vice president of global sales and marketing for The Pickle Juice Company. “It’s important to us that consumers know that Pickle Juice® is a healthy alternative to the many sugary and synthetic drinks that seem to dominate the market. We are proud of our brand’s dedication to serving a quality sports drink, which contains only pure and natural ingredients, including key electrolytes and vitamins.”

As the demand for organic products continues to increase among American consumers, so does the demand for Pickle Juice products. The Pickle Juice Company has experienced rapid growth, expanding internationally to help people suffering from athletic muscle cramps, nocturnal leg cramps, heat illness and more. The effectiveness of the product line is scientifically proven to relieve muscle cramps in as fast as 60 seconds, and contains up to 14x the electrolytes found in the average sports drink.

The Pickle Juice Company’s entire product line will now display the USDA organic seal, including the 8oz. and 16.oz bottles of 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport, 2.5oz. shots and 1 liter boxes of its 100% Natural Extra Strength Pickle Juice formula, and 1 liter bottles of Pickle Juice Chaser. For more information, please visit

The Pickle Juice Company will be unveiling its organic certified Pickle Juice® formula at the Winter Fancy Food Show from January 21 to January 23 in San Francisco. The company will be at booth #1081.

About The Pickle Juice Company

Established in 2001, The Pickle Juice Company’s proprietary recipe was developed specifically to help prevent dehydration and muscle cramping caused by heat and muscle exertion. Due to its proven functionality for muscle cramps and its efficiency as a hydration aid, Pickle Juice® is becoming more and more commonly used by athletes, the military, people working in strenuous or hot environments and the elderly who suffer from night-time muscle cramps. For more information or to purchase products from The Pickle Juice Company visit