Rock Grace Offers Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative

Raise your vibe with the only non-alcoholic beverage that combines energy, wellness and style.

Rock Grace is a bottled crystal elixir infused with a variety of crystals, botanicals, and adaptogens that stimulate strength, grace, love, beauty, and wellness. The energy of the crystals and fine botanical and super herb ingredients enhance the elixir calming anxiety and stress while promoting mental and physical wellness and empowerment

Rock Grace is setting the stage for next generation drinking, drinking with purpose, intention, peace of mind, and zero negative side effects. Anne, CEO of Rock Grace, wanted to improve the quality of her lifestyle by cleaning up her diet and beauty routine and exploring natural health remedies for stress and anxiety. She found several lovely health and beauty products promoting wellness and balance to use for her daily routine, but couldn’t find a substitute for alcohol that promoted relaxation, positive energy, wellness, and beauty. She saw a huge gap, in a space she defines as next generation drinking, for non-alcoholic wellness beverages designed for people that love to drink alcohol and want to start drinking with intention and without the hangover.  She wanted to add excitement to the non-alcoholic beverage options offered while being social, glamorous, enjoying down time, and taking the edge off. Something to celebrate with that didn’t take away from all of the healthy habits she had put in place and didn’t have all of the negative side effects she experienced from alcohol, but would still help manage stress and anxiety and give her the sensation of taking a break and having a glass of wine. After extensive research on alternative health remedies, she grew a deep fascination with and passion for crystals and adaptogens and their healing powers. She noticed the power these two energy balancers contained, the harmony they created, combined the two, and what she was looking for was born, Rock Grace.

Rock Grace fills the gap of there not being anything exciting, healthy and interesting to drink in the non-alcoholic beverage category. Alcoholic beverages are desired and enjoyed because of the euphoric effect they have on the mind as well as the association that has been created between alcohol and having a good time; however, alcohol does not fit in with several lifestyles and can have dangerous side effects for many people. Rock Grace has several positive and natural effects on the mind and body without putting one’s mental and physical health in jeopardy.

Rock Grace is next generation drinking, giving all of the feels you get when handed a glass of fine wine or popping a champagne cork, but it is healthy for you and promotes pure energy, balance, beauty, confidence, and wellness. It is meant
for people to enjoy in social settings, it keeps a night of drinking fun and interesting when you aren’t drinking alcohol and doesn’t exclude you from feeling sexy, joining the party, feeling confident and comfortable, having a great time, enjoying life and the company of others.

What sets Rock Grace apart from its competition is that it isn’t a surface level substitution for alcohol, it is in the same field with alcohol, but has zero negative side effects.  It is pleasing to the palate, makes you feel good and it is good for you. The crystal energy is fascinating and fun and even if you don’t believe in the power of the crystals, you are consuming adaptogens which are proven stress and fatigue fighters providing a wide range of health benefits.  You are also consuming botanicals with proven beauty benefits. There is an intimacy and complexity to making Rock Grace with a story behind it similar to the making of a complex, fine wine or coffee. People are buying the product because of the love and passion that went into making the product and they appreciate it as much as the founders.  They want to smell the product, taste the product, swirl the product, share the product and consume the product. You get a wonderful experience that comes along with drinking Rock Grace.

Rock Grace has the story and has living proof of the benefits of their beverage and the Rock Grace lifestyle. Anne, the CEO of Rock Grace, has stopped drinking alcohol after creating Rock Grace. Not drinking alcohol was unfathomable to Anne, she loved wine and the experience of drinking and wine tasting and was even married in wine country, Napa, Calif., one of her favorite destinations. Her quality of life has improved without drinking alcohol and she feels the healthiest she has ever felt in years.  She feels living the Rock Grace lifestyle is one of the best decisions she has ever made and was life changing for her. Many people can’t drink alcohol without it interfering with their intentions, goals and health.  They may want to cut back on alcohol, but they still want to be social and drink beautiful drinks in beautiful glasses in beautiful settings. Rock Grace allows them to do this and gives people the opportunity to imbibe in next generation drinking by providing beauty and wellness crystal elixirs bottled and ready to drink in social settings. Rock Grace wants to be a healthy beverage option that is associated with everything that comes to mind to most when envisioning themselves with a glass of wine in hand–happiness, joy, love, peace, relaxation, sexy, confident, worry free, beauty, glamour, balance, light, but sadly the reality of drinking too much is problematic, full of anxiety, health issues, mental instability, fatigue, lack of energy, pain, and hangovers. Rock Grace puts their positive intentions and passion into their work to spread the message of strength and grace to others. They offer a product that lives up to its messaging of “drink this and you will feel good now and in the future.” It’s their gift to people actually seeking a positive lifestyle and who want to make positive changes in their life without feeling isolated or uncomfortable. To add the light back to some during a very dark situation if alcohol has caused them problems.  Their happy place of drinking, relaxing and socializing can still exist without alcohol.