Sprig Expands CBD-Infused Soda Line To Nine States

Sprig, the market leader in cannabis-infused beverages, has expanded distribution and sales of its CBD-infused soda line into four new states, bringing their coverage to a total of nine states.

In addition to California, New York, Florida, Nevada, and Illinois, the company’s CBD line is also now available in Vermont, Washington, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

“Sprig’s first three months of sales for our CBD line were beyond our expectations,” said Michael Lewis, CEO at Sprig. :While we had initially planned for a slower rollout, we decided to add these territories because they are well-informed, progressive markets that are chomping at the bit for a high quality, trustworthy and refreshing CBD beverage. As it stands today, Sprig is the only brand fitting that description.”

To cover these new territories, Sprig has partnered with four new distribution companies, one of which is Farrell Distribution in Vermont.

“Our team has spent a great deal of time, looking for a partner that we felt would give us the opportunity to enter this new exciting space, CBD-infused sodas,” said Ryan Chaffin, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Farrell Distribution. “Sprig was clearly that brand, and we are thrilled to introduce it to the Green Mountain State! We offer a wide-range of non-alcoholic products including the world’s finest waters, craft-brewed sodas and seltzers, snacks and “better-for-you” beverages. Sprig is a perfect fit for our portfolio, and we look forward to mutual success together over the years.”

Grocers, restaurants, and convenience stores are just some of the outlets that are now carrying the company’s CBD-infused sodas.

CBD is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis and is largely known for its health and wellness properties. Each soda is crafted with 20mg of high-quality, all-natural CBD, derived from agricultural hemp.

The line includes a total of four options, three of which are zero sugar: Citrus Original, Citrus Zero Sugar, Sparkling Lemon Tea Zero Sugar, and Melon Zero Sugar. Citrus Original is sweetened with cane sugar and the three zero sugar options are sweetened with stevia and erythritol.

In addition to these markets, Sprig CBD soda is also available for purchase online at www.drinksprig.com.

About Sprig

Founded in 2015, Sprig is a California-based beverage manufacturer specializing in sparkling THC and CBD-infused drinks. The company’s award-winning THC-infused soda is sold in hundreds of dispensaries throughout the state of California, and its CBD-infused soda is sold nationwide. Learn more at www.drinksprig.com.