Zaro’s Natural Mineral Water Now Available in US

LOS ANGELES — For the first time, Zaro’s Premium Natural Mineral Water, headquartered in Crete, Greece, is now available to distributors in the United States. Zaro’s offers premium bottled drinking water bottled at the source, with an award winning taste.

Zaro’s sources its drinking water directly from the Amati spring, a unique natural mineral water source located on Mount Psiloritis on the island of Crete. The water sourced from Amati is naturally alkaline with well balanced minerals and super taste and quality.

The brand offers Natural Spring Premium Water and Natural Sparkling Premium Water, both of which contain calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, and other minerals to strengthen the immune system, boost energy and metabolism, strengthen bones and teeth, and balance the digestive system.

Zaro’s premium water has won several prestigious taste awards. In February 2017, Zaro’s Bottled Natural Mineral Water won the Gold Medal in the Mineral Water category during the 27th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition, the largest water tasting competition in the world. The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting is participated by over 100 leading bottlers around the world, and each participant’s water is evaluated by 11 selective judges based on odor, appearance, taste, aftertaste and texture.

Zaro’s Natural Mineral Water also received the iTQi Superior Taste Award two years in a row, in 2015 and 2016. The iTQi, or International Taste & Quality Institute, Superior Taste Award is based in Brussels and evaluated by a group of judges selected from the 15 most prestigious culinary and sommeliers associations in Europe.

The Company is committed to using entirely sustainable packaging in order to reduce the amount of waste being added to landfills. Zaro’s bottles are made from either glass or PET plastic, both of which are completely recyclable. Zaro’s is ISO certified for both and food safety, as well as certified Kosher.