Brooklyn Crafted Extra Spicy Ginger Beer Can Now In Sprouts Stores Nationwide

BROOKLYN, N.Y— Artisanal craft beverage brand, Brooklyn Crafted, is proud to announce that its Extra Spicy Ginger Beer Can SKU is now available in Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide.

The addition of Sprouts distribution comes at the heels of exciting brand developments including the implementation of a new bottling line and diversification to new product lines including its Herbal Teas and Calamansi-Ade lines.

“We are thrilled that our Extra Spicy Ginger Beer is now available across the nation in Sprouts Farmers Markets for consumers all over the country to enjoy,” said Marcia Hu, Marketing Manager of Brooklyn Crafted. “With our commitment to providing consumers with high-quality products made with only simple and natural ingredients, Sprouts Farmers Market is an exciting supermarket for us to be in given the grocer’s focus on providing customers with natural products and its reputation for being a reliable, ethical and accessible source for fresh produce across the country.”

The Brooklyn Crafted Extra Spicy Ginger Beer Can is the newest format of the brand’s Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, featuring a bold, gingery kick that is refreshing on its own or perfect as a cocktail mixer. The can’s sustainable, BPA-free packaging combined with its lightweight material makes it an ideal choice for consumers. The Extra Spicy Ginger Beer is also available in the brand’s original 12 oz. glass bottle, one of the very first products that introduced the Brooklyn Crafted line, and a smaller 7 oz. glass bottle.

Unlike other ginger beers on the market, Brooklyn Crafted’s Extra Spicy Ginger Beer does not use chili peppers, cayenne pepper, jalapeño or spicy flavorings – rather, the ginger beer’s spiciness comes from its real ginger pieces within the can. Like all Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer and Ginger Ales, the Extra Spicy Ginger Beer Can is made with 100% fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually see and taste, with no artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives – without compromising delicious taste. The product is also Non-GMO, OU Kosher, vegan, and gluten-free.

Priced at $1.79per can, Brooklyn Crafted Extra Spicy Ginger Beer Can is now available at 340 Sprouts Farmers Markets across 22 states.

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About Brooklyn Crafted

Brooklyn Crafted is a line of craft beverages on a mission to define the field of craft sodas and beverages.Simplicity, quality and taste combined with a focused concern for natural, high-quality ingredients has created the precedent for the brand’s products. The company’s goal is to establish a universal appeal by bringing fresh, international ingredients and flavor combinations to all craft beverage lovers and foodies alike.

The collection includes ginger beers and ginger ales made with 100% fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually see, featuring a variety of bold flavors including the brand’s new 12 oz. Extra Spicy Ginger Beer Can, the 12 oz. bottle variety: Classic Ginger Ale, Sugar Free Ginger Ale, Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, Extra Spicy Sugar Free Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime Ginger Beer and Mango Ginger Beer, and the 7 oz. mini bottle variety: Extra Spicy, Earl Grey, Lemon Lime and Mango.

In 2019, the brand launched two new product lines – a Calamansi-Ade line and an Herbal Tea line– that feature unique and all-natural ingredients from across the globe.

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