Distribution Roundup: JUST Water Goes Chainwide in Target

JUST Water Goes Chainwide in Target

Sustainably packaged bottled water maker JUST Water expanded chainwide with Target last month, the company told BevNET, securing checkout cooler placement for four SKUs: Blackberry, Lemon, Mint, and unflavored.

“We’ve identified Target as a purpose-driven company that aligns with JUST’s values on many different levels, from sustainability to customer approach,” said CEO Ira Laufer in an email to BevNET. “We are super excited to expand our relationship with Target and bring to their customer a better option when it comes to consuming water.”

According to Laufer, the brand is currently available in about 5,000 stores nationwide, but retail currently represents about 20% of JUST’s total business. The brand has focused on the travel channel and destination accounts, including partnerships with airlines, cruise lines, and zoos.

Daytrip Expands in New York and New Jersey

CBD-infused sparkling water brand Daytrip has expanded into the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut markets with retailers including Fairway Market, Food Emporium, ShopRite, and Westside Market, the company announced in a press release. The expansion marks the brand’s first entrance into the East Coast market, since launching in California, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan in June.

Speaking with BevNET, Daytrip CMO Lynn Furge said CBD beverages resonate with East Coast consumers looking for “wellness-driven” solutions to the “fast-paced hustle” of city life. Since launching last month, Furge said the brand has already received reorder requests from distributors and has seen a spike in online user engagement with the brand.

“We’re seeing a lot of desire from consumers to live a really healthy, balanced lifestyle,” Furge said. “We know we have a product that tastes different than our competitors, and we know that we have a very kind of pure, simple, clean product and that’s doing really really well on the East Coast.”

Bimble Partners with Gotham Brands

Bimble has partnered with Gotham Brands to distribute its line of CBD-infused beverages in the New York metro area, founder and CEO Jay Moskowitz told BevNET. Prior to the partnership, the New York-based brand was available in 150 stores in the region and both self-distributed and worked with several small distributors.

In addition to Gotham, Bimble has also partnered with New England distributor Good & Company to service the brand in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

“We realize that this is a race and we need to expand into other areas as quickly as possible,” Moskowitz told BevNET, adding that the brand is currently in discussions with distributors in Florida and Illinois. “The CBD space is only getting more competitive and our intention is that we feel we have the best drink on the market and we want to get the name out there and spread into as many cities as we can.”

Olipop Launches Ecommerce

Prebiotic sparkling tonic maker Olipop launched direct-to-consumer ecommerce in August, the company told BevNET in an email. The brand is currently distributed on the West Coast, however, the company is preparing to add a direct-to-retailer wholesale option for independent accounts across the country.

Hoist Adds New Retailers, Tests Launches in Hy-Vee and Target

Hydration beverage brand Hoist announced last month the addition of several new retail chains nationwide, including The Fresh Market, Brookshire’s, Hornbacher’s, Central Market, Cub, H-E-B, Kroger, Lunds & Byerlys, Mariano’s, Pick ‘n Save and Woodman’s. The brand has also announced test launches in Hy-Vee and Target later this year.

The retail expansion comes as the brand prepares to build a DSD network in Arizona, Nevada, and California to grow in the Southwest region next year. Hoist said it will also add new DSD partners in Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Texas.

“In most circumstances, brands need time to evolve and prove some level of stickiness while waiting for the right market timing,” said Kevin Klock, a Hoist board member, in a press release. “Hoist has done this, and retailer excitement shows the time has come.”

SOS Hydration Goes Chainwide in CVS

Powdered drink mix maker SOS Hydration has expanded chainwide in CVS, the company announced in a press release. The drug retailer will stock the brand’s watermelon and citrus varieties of its 10-pack boxes in 4,400 stores nationwide.

“People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of being properly hydrated, and the negative impact that unnecessary amounts of sugar has on our overall health,” said CEO James Mayo in the release. “The CVS partnership allows us to bring the best hydration and electrolyte product to as many people as possible.”

Hellowater Adds Target

Fiber-infused water brand hellowater has added 200 Target locations in California and Colorado, the company announced last month in a press release. The expansion follows launches into Target stores in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

“2019 has been a breakout year for hellowater,” said co-founder Tom Bushkie in the release, noting that the brand has experienced 150% sales growth year-over-year since 2018. “The expansion into additional Target stores across the country is a testament to our continued success in delivering uncompromising quality, taste, and a much needed function to consumers.”

Brio! Adds Whole Foods

Farm-to-bottle cold brew coffee maker brio! has added all Whole Foods Market in Florida, the company announced in a press release last month.

Whole Foods brings the distribution footprint for brio! — which launched last year — to more than 80 retailers, including Lucky’s Market.

“The quality of our coffee is our highest priority,” said co-founder Jose Nieves in the release. “Most customers don’t realize that coffee often sits in a warehouse for six months to one year depending on the country of origin. Our goal at brio! is to minimize that timeline and maximize taste and quality. We are currently averaging 21 days from farm-to-bottle, resulting in a healthier, brighter cold brew.”