Diva’s for Women Launches in the U.S.

UNITED STATES— Diva’s for Women brand was established in Europe in 2010. The main idea was to introduce a product that is not only more appealing and personal but allows consumers to express themselves as well – by satisfying their needs at every life stage. Something much more than a better taste and more attractive design. A product that simply says, “ALL YOU NEED IS INSIDE.” In 2019 Diva’s launched its US sales within Texas, a few months later they established an Amazon presence to cover nationwide product availability.

“The US market is very competitive and challenging. Diva’s for Women brings a wind of change by introducing outstanding quality beverages in eye-catching packaging into the new-age beverage category. We are very excited about launching in the United States, specifically at HEB,” stated Lucia Tarnoczy, the Chief Executive Officer.

With aging, the human body loses the ability to produce certain substances necessary for proper body functioning. These substances cannot be replenished by food consumption only, which is why Diva’s offers a great and natural option to replenish them and to maintain the daily fluid intake at the same time.

One of the aspects that differentiate Diva’s from the competition is the aseptic cold filling – the state-of-the-art technology of gentle pasteurization at ambient temperature in a sterile environment which helps to maintain the original quality of ingredients and nutrients, with no additional thermal stress and with no use of preservatives.

Diva’s beverages guarantee:

  • natural ingredients only
  • no added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • low-calorie beverages
  • no preservatives
  • no colorants
  • only the good stuff

Diva’s is not just a product, it’s a whole concept that embodies the lifestyle of a women who learn that health, outer beauty and success begin inside. Diva’s knows that each woman is perfect just the way she is, because perfection comes from within – ALL YOU NEED IS INSIDE. It supports her on the way through life, rewards and motivates her. At the same time, it provides the necessary support in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other functional substances she can choose depending on desired effect. Diva’s is her partner on the way to harmony. Therefore, it constantly develops and innovates, improves quality, strives to be always one step ahead, so that every woman can, under all circumstances, trust and find the right Diva’s functional beverage depending on desired effect.

Divas utilizes the brand management services of Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Managing Brands for sales and marketing. Visit cascadiafoodbev.com