Gratitude Health To Launch Ketogenic Meal-Replacement Beverage

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.– Gratitude Health Inc, a beverage industry brand developer dedicated to promoting healthy nutrition through innovative functional drinks, today announced its plans to launch KetoRefuel, the world’s first ready-to-drink line of ketogenic meal-replacement shakes.

Targeted for launch in the second quarter of 2019, the first drinks to rollout in the KetoRefuel lineup will b eChocolate, Vanilla and Caffeinated Mocha Ketogenic Meal-Replacement Shakes in 16.9 oz, shelf-stable TetraPak containers, which are re-sealable and have been consumer tested for ease of use.

Gratitude Health Inc. has engaged a leading scientist with advanced studies into the ketogenic diet to create this proprietary and strategically balanced Fat-to-Protein-to-Carbohydrate formulation that refuels and supports the body’s ability to naturally burn fat for energy and maintain those already in ketosis.

The ingredients for each of Gratitude Health’s KetoRefuel shakes have been blended by the world’s largest flavor company to create three creamy, great tasting, satiating flavors for the on-the-go keto lifestyler who wants convenience and demands assurance that this meal replacement will fully support their dietary choices.

“We wholeheartedly believe in the vast health benefits of nutritional ketosis,” said Roy Warren Jr., senior brand manager for KetoRefuel. “With our scientifically formulated meal replacement drink, we make adhering to aketogenic diet and lifestyle choice convenient without sacrificing taste or nutritional efficacy.”

Cancer cells feed on sugar and carbs for energy. When we replace our carb intake with healthy fats and protein, the body will produce ketones and burn fat for energy. We will not only lose weight but, most importantly, have a tool to defend against cancer cell growth.

Published research from such well-respected universities as The University of California, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Yale and Boston College, to name a few, highlight the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle.

“We’re not trying to latch onto a diet craze,” said Andy Schamisso, president and COO of Gratitude Health, Inc., “We approach Keto as a lifestyle more than a diet. We have a pick-me-up caffeinated Mocha flavor for those ‘out-the door’ mornings and chocolate and vanilla flavors to satisfy those daily hunger pangs when one just wants something that tastes great and does its job.”

About KetoRefuel

KetoRefuel is the ultimate meal replacement drink and is created to deliver healthy nutrition for all. Each “ketoshake” delivers proper macro and micro nutrients in a scientifically developed balance of healthy fat, protein and carb ratios. KetoRefuel is USDA Organic, will come in 16.9 oz, shelf-stable Tetra Pak Prisma containers and will be sold across multiple beverage channels.

About Gratitude Health, Inc.

Gratitude Health, Inc. is a beverage manufacturer and marketer providing great-tasting, organic, functional drink offerings specifically intended to promote and support nutrition for healthy aging. Its lineup of RTD Dragon Well Green Teas deliver a beverage-industry leading 417 mg of polyphenols per bottle and its new ‘Keto Friendly” meal-replacement shakes deliver perfectly balanced healthy fats and proteins intended to fully support the ketogenic diet. Gratitude Health, Inc. will become a beverage industry “disrupter.” Gratitude Health, Inc. is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and New York, New York. The Company was founded in 2017 by CEO Roy G. Warren, a 20-year leader in the beverage sector. Roy is a motivated cancer survivor and determined to forward options addressing metabolic health. Gratitude was co-founded by President and COO Andrew Schamisso, a 15-year beverage veteran, best known for bringing to market America’s first RTD white tea, Inko’s White Tea, which he sold in 2014. Distributors and retailers interested in carrying Gratitude Health can contact Andy Schamisso at 561-227-2727 or via email at