Top Note Sparkling Mixers Moving Production to Octopi Brewing

MILWAUKEE– With a $150,000 loan from the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Top Note is moving production of its non-alcoholic sparkling mixers and aromatic tonics to Octopi Brewing Company in Waunakee. Production of Top Note’s mixers is expected to begin in July once a cold pasteurizer and customized bottling line parts are installed at the brewery.

“As a company, we’re focused on producing the highest quality flavor profiles and most innovative product line in the mixer category,” said Mary Pellettieri, co-founder of Top Note. “We formulate our sparkling mixers in our flavor kitchen in Milwaukee with all natural botanical extracts, real juices, cane sugar and non-GMO acids. It’s our hand-crafted approach to sparkling mixers that is driving us to work with the talented team of brewers at Octopi. We know they can match our desire for high quality and attention to detail.”

Octopi will produce Top Note’s award-winning Indian Tonic Water, Classic Tonic Water, Grapefruit Soda, Ginger Beer Soda and Bitter Lemon Soda in 8.5 oz. bottles in 4-packs. The beverages were previously produced by a co-packer in Pennsylvania.

There are a number of financial and innovation advantages related to the move. Top Note expects to double its sales in the Madison area and utilize Octopi’s sister distributor in Minneapolis to engage its growing tonic-loving customers there. The company will save tens of thousands of dollars in freight each year. Plus, Top Note now has the opportunity to explore Octopi’s canning capabilities, which would drive growth since it would offer another format to retailers.

According to Octopi’s owner, Isaac Showaki, “Mary has always been a great help to us with sharing her knowledge of beer quality so we knew someday we would want to help her make her products here at Octopi in Wisconsin. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the first craft brewer in the country making craft sodas and sparkling mixers with an industry leader.”

For Pellettieri, a craft brewing veteran, there’s the excitement of working with a group of seasoned brewers to ideate and develop new formulas and even innovate in the club soda space.

“We’re always looking to put American ingenuity into our products and this is another way to do that,” Pellettieri explained. “Our intent is to add diversity to the category of sparkling beverage mixers and soda water in a fresh and innovative way. We’re making a statement by moving our production to a brewery. We want distributors, retailers and consumers to know that we’re shaking things up with our unconventional approach to this category of non-alcoholic beverages.”

Pellettieri says Top Note is planning to add an array of unique club sodas to its beverage lineup in 2020 or even sooner.

Top Note crafts the most complex and layered beverage mixers on the market. Co-founder Mary Pellettieri spent 20 years as one of the brightest minds in the craft beer game. Having mastered the art of making award-winning beer, Pellettieri set her sights on revolutionizing sparkling mixers. Featuring unique botanicals and unexpected ingredients, Top Note mixers meet the demands of the craft cocktail movement and fill the flavor gap between sweet and dry sparkling water. Top Note allows consumers to experiment with confidence and create complex, not complicated, cocktails and mocktails. The Top Note product lineup currently includes Ginger Beer Soda, Grapefruit Soda, Bitter Lemon Soda, Classic Tonic Water and the company’s award-winning Indian Tonic Water. For more information about Top Note Tonic, visit

Octopi Brewing is the premier contract beverage facility in the Midwest. It is the fastest growing production brewery in the Midwest and the fourth largest production brewery in Wisconsin. Octopi Brewing sends products to 45 states and five countries in Europe. Octopi Brewing’s model is simple: Brewing your beer, propelling your brand.