Yönalé Launches New Line of Birch Waters

HOBOKEN, N.J.— Once a year, deep in the pristine forests of the Finnish archipelago, locals collect a light, crisp, subtly sweet liquid from the trunks of birch trees: birch water. Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, birch water has been enjoyed by Northern and Eastern Europeans for centuries and is known for giving the immune system a boost after long, dark Scandinavian winters. Now, Yönalé is bringing this delicious, mineral-rich drink from nature to grocery aisles across the U.S.

With just one simple, natural ingredient—fresh birch water—Yönalé offers consumers a clean, sustainably-sourced plant-based beverage they can feel good about drinking. Yönalé Birch Water is certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly and doesn’t contain added water or preservatives. Unlike many plant-based beverages, Yönalé is also low in sugar—each bottle of Original contains 3g of sugar.

“I first discovered the benefits of birch water a few years ago, and was instantly inspired to introduce it to others,” says Marton Elek, CEO of Yönalé Birch Water. “Our mission is simple: provide health and nourishment from nature while promoting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business model.”

Rich in antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes and organic acids, Yönalé not only supports energy levels, immunity and kidney and thyroid functions, but also makes a great hydrating, natural sports drink, too. In addition, Yönalé contains high levels of manganese, a mineral known to help support blood sugar regulation and bone structure.

Committed to sustainability and protecting the environment, Yönalé uses Tetra Pak packaging, which is a sustainable and low-carbon packaging option. Yönalé also harvests its birch water through responsible sourcing practices to ensure that no harm is done to the trees, and supports conservation efforts.

Yönalé Birch Water is available in Original and Bilberry for an SRP of $3.99. For more information, please visit yonale.com.

About Yönalé Birch Water

Yönalé Birch Water offers a delicious line of all-natural, certified organic and non-GMO birch waters tapped from the pristine forests of the Finnish archipelago. Committed to the environment and protecting our future, Yönalé uses Tetra Pak packaging and harvests its birch water through responsible sourcing practices to ensure that no harm is done to the trees. Yönalé Birch Water products are available for purchase in select stores nationwide and online via Amazon. For additional information, please visit Yonale.com or connect with the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.