BevNET Live 2019 Video: Brew Dr.’s Matt Thomas Talks Evolving While Scaling

Regardless of what any one entrepreneur might claim, brands change once money and success arrive. Rather than something to be feared, however, that evolution should be something that brand leaders embrace as they grow and scale, according to Matt Thomas. As the founder and CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha, Thomas has seen his own perspective, priorities and outlook on business transform over time as his company went from scrappy startup to fast-growing player in a niche category to now being one of a select handful of national kombucha brands.

In this video of his presentation at BevNET Live Winter 2019 in Santa Monica, California, Thomas discussed how beverage entrepreneurs can adapt and thrive as they face the challenge of scaling, sharing the importance of adopting a mindset that embraces constant growth and reflected on his day-to-day work building Brew Dr. over the course of 14 years.