Circle Announces Sparkling Protein Line

Indianapolis, Ind. – Circle announces Circle Sparkling Protein as the newest addition to its line of better-for-you beverages this November 2020.

Circle Sparkling Protein is the light, bubbly and refreshing way to get the protein you need, without all the sugar. The product is designed to target multiple booming beverage trends with its 20 grams of collagen peptides (double that of any similar products), 0-2 grams of sugar and 99 calories all packaged in sleek 12-ounce aluminum cans.  Circle CEO, Matt Whiteside, shares, “We are excited to provide a truly enjoyable protein beverage to consumers. There is nothing in the market today that offers this potency of collagen peptide protein, with low/no sugar, all while delivering a crisp and flavorful drinking experience.”

Circle Sparkling Protein launches with four refreshing flavors this fall. Watermelon Thyme, Lemon Mint, Vanilla Pear and Raspberry Hibiscus are now available for purchase on Amazon and will soon be available at first-to-market stores across the country.

In line with Circle’s mission to provide healthy, tasty alternatives that help you find balance and feel good, consumers are increasingly seeking collagen protein and the health benefits it offers. Keeping muscles, tendons, skin and hair healthy, the collagen beverage category is growing at 6.5% per year (Grand View Research). Combined with the predicted 5.1% growth rate of sparkling beverages (Grand View Research) and the 74% of consumers seeking to reduce or avoid sugar (Food Business News), Circle Sparkling Protein is anticipated to meet several desires of the health-conscious consumer.

About Circle

Circle is a vertically-integrated, better-for-you beverage brand that prioritizes health, taste, community and environment in each of its products. Commonly known as Fizz with Benefits, Circle’s products are distributed in multiple channels across the nation. Its state-of-the-art Indianapolis facilities include sustainable production processes to minimize the environmental impact of beverage production, including cutting-edge water treatment technology to minimize waste water. All these components help Circle fulfill its mission of helping people find balance and feel good, one drink at a time.

For more information, please visit or find Circle on social media at: @circlebev.

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