Flawsome! Launches Glass-Packaged Cold-Pressed Juice Into Whole Foods Market

Flawsome!, the sustainable brand that transforms imperfect fruit into perfect cold pressed juices, has launched the three flavors of fruit juice, packaged in glass bottles, in Whole Foods Markets across London, giving consumers an opportunity to choose a sustainably packaged drink to go.

The three Flawsome! flavours available in Whole Foods Market are: Orange, Apple and Strawberry and Sweet and Sour Apple, offered in both 750 ml and 250 ml glass bottles.

All Flawsome! cold-pressed juices are vegan and gluten free whilst also being sustainably packaged and 100% recyclable.

Karina Sudentye, Founder of Flawsome! says: “When you look at the drinks market, there is a noticeable gap in the market for sustainable drinks as well as many products not offering sustainable packaging. A large majority of products are packaged in plastic and with consumers becoming more conscious on the effects of plastics and active in their efforts to tackle social issues, it seems counter intuitive to supply a sustainable drink in non-sustainable packaging. The profile of Whole Foods Market consumers is a great match for our ethical and sustainable business, and we are sure customers are going to love our message and our flavours!”

“Flawsome! proudly offers purpose driven drinks that have a low carbon footprint and exceed in taste, quality, and environmental impact. Our sustainable packaged drinks are made from surplus or wonky fruit and vegetables that could otherwise end up as food waste due to their imperfect appearance.”

Flawsome! is also striving to donate one million drinks to charities around the U.K., whilst making people as passionate about sustainable craft drinks as it is.

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